WhatsApp soon only with advertising? Apparently affected by iOS users

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WhatsApp could soon introduce advertising – but only for a group of mobile phone users © picture alliance / Tobias Hase / d / Tobias Hase Up to 1.3 billion people use the WhatsApp messenger service worldwide. Soon, advertisers are threatened with ads – but not all. Berlin – WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily lives – hardly anyone who does not use the messenger every day. Worldwide, even 1.3 billion people have the app on their mobile phones, in which everything ran so far without advertising. This could soon be over. According to media reports, WhatsApp wants to display advertisements in the status in the near future. The messenger giant is already working on the feature. This is how advertising should look like. However, in the beginning, only certain smartphones will be affected by advertising: iOS devices. Only those who own an iPhone will probably have to torment themselves through personalized advertising soon. Appearance should the whole thing so: After a certain number of status messages in between an ad will be displayed, as it is already known from Instagram. When WhatsApp brings the function to the market is still unclear. But it will not take much longer, says news.de. Also read: Beware Whatsapp: Wicked Spyware reads complete cell phone – you can do that.rm

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