TSG Hoffenheim – Manchester City: Blitz-Tor follows quicker setback

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TSG Hoffenheim meet Manchester City on Matchday 2 of the Champions League. TSG Hoffenheim: Baumann – Hoogma, Akpoguma, Posch – Kaderabek, Demirbay (Hack, 89th minute), Grillitsch (Bittencourt , 82 minutes), Brenet – Belfodil, Joelinton, Szalai (Kramaric, 53 minutes)
                        Bank: Kobel – Reiss, Bittencourt, Grifo, Hack, AmadeManchester City: Ederson – Walker, Kompany, Otamendi (Stones, 64th minute), Laporte – Fernandinho, Gundogan (Bernardo, 68th minute), Silva – Sané, Aguero, Sterling (Mahrez, 75th minute)
                        Bank: Muric, Danilo, Mahrez, Jesus, ZinchenkoTore: 1: 0 Belfodil (1st minute), 1: 1 Aguero (7th minute), 1: 2 David Silva (87th minute) Referee: Damir Skomina (SLO) Final score at TSG Hoffenheim against Manchester CityTrash: Bitter for the TSG. Fought great, a point would have been earned. But in the end it was a small, individual mistake that cost the Hoffenheimers the point. Manchester dominated the game, but Hoffenheim defended well and kept the visitors well away from the goal. Demirbay, Belfodil and also Hoogma showed a good to very good performance. 90th Minute +4: Sané nails another shot towards Baumann. But the attempt goes over the bar. 90th Minute +3: Aguero runs past Baumann, but kills from an acute angle and 30 meters. Hoffenheim throws everything forwards.90. Minute +2: There is another free kick. Overall, four minutes added time were displayed. 90th minute +1: Bittencourt tries again. But the shot from 18 meters is far too high. 90th Minute: The last minute is running. Will TSG still make up the balance here? Minute: Hack, another young player, replaces the strong Demirbay. Manchester City makes the winning goal87 just before the end. Minute: Is that bitter !!! Posch makes his first mistake and then one of them. A cross from the left tries to control and stop Posch. But David Silva injected in between and pushes the ball into the far corner. 2: 1 for Manchester City. 85th Minute: Hoffenheim is limited to defending. Should it remain a draw, the TSG would be after two matchdays ahead of Manchester. Who would have thought that? Minute: Hoogma falls Silva about 30 meters from the gate. But Manchester can not get anything out of the position. 82 minutes: Grillitsch has to go down, Bittencourt may still show ten minutes. 79 minutes: Sané dances again and puts the ball back from the baseline. But two Citizens miss close. Manchester is more pressure. But maybe Hoffenheim can still set a lucky punch? 76. Minute: The most prominent players on the court are Aguero and Sané on the sides of City. Demirbay is the best Hoffenheim. But the young defense is doing well. 75 minutes: City slowly takes control again, Hoffenheim is every minute heavier. Guardiola brings another fresh man. Sterling is leaving, Mahrez is coming. 73 minutes: Dummy for Hoffenheim. By detours the ball comes to Sané, who lays the ball past Baumann, who clears the left foot. A penalty from our point of view. But Skomina decides to kick. 72nd Minute: There it would have almost scolded the Ticker. The fresh Bernardo nibbles Demirbay and crosses the second post. Aguero heads towards goal, but Baumann holds safe. 70th Minute: The restless game with many interruptions and duels Hoffenheim plays in the cards. There was not a really good chance to score for the guests from England. The TSG makes this phased more than neat. 68 minutes: Gündogan limps off the court. He replaces him with Bernardo Silva. In which situation the German injured, is not clear. 65th Minute: funny situation! Demirbay conquered again a ball. Then tried Posch Kaderabek to play. Then Walker comes in full pot and kicks the Czech. The funny thing about the scene: Referee Skomina waits a long time with the whistle and lets him continue. Then he interrupts and gives Walker yellow. A foul from the category "cherry yellow". 64 minutes: Stones replaces Otamendi, who had just seen yellow. 61 minutes: Kaderabek is now fouled 20 meters from the gate of City. Demirbay throws the free kick and shoves him on the second post. Laporte clears the corner. The standard ends up in the arms of Ederson. Hoffenheim now better in the game than after the equalizer in the first half. Hot situation for Manchester – Hoffenheim im Pech59. Minute: Curious scene: Baumann sees that Kramaric could be through. The tee comes once on the ground. Ederson gets far out of the gate and bounces off the ball. But Kramaric loses the running duel against Sané, who helps out in the back. The Croatian almost could have pushed the ball into the empty goal. 58th. Minute: Demirbay already the forces? He fishes again immediately. This time Sané must believe in it. The free kick due is decapitated on the back of Kaderabek. The subsequent corner is clarified. 57th Minute: Now also a Hoffenheimer is warned. Demirbay sees yellow. He stops Silva in the center circle. 56th Minute: City is not as consistent in construction as they were at the end of the first half. Hoffenheim can better stop the attacks. A successful counterattack, however, has not yet jumped out. 53 minutes: Kramaric replaces Szalai. The Hungarian had to work up a lot, but was not involved in the game. 53 minutes: But then Brenet has an idea and a bad one. Because he does not lead a duel against Laporte properly and the Spaniard can bring the ball to his compatriot Silva. But the small midfielder aims to miss. 52 minutes: At the moment, none of the 22 players has a brilliant idea. Very small, small. Minute: Now City has taken over the scepter again. The British are stuck in half of Hoffenheim. But this time David Silva makes a small mistake. The TSG can not use the counter-chance. 46th Minute: Almost Belfodil again. A blueprint from the first half. City still mentally in the cabin. Joelinton sends Belfodil, who again plays across. But Grillitsch had not gone through. Otherwise the Hoffenheim would have met again after the kick-off. Kick-off for the second half: The ball rolls again. Hoffenheim can keep up with this again? TSG Hoffenheim against Manchester City: Speedy start of the TSG, City compensates quicklyHalf time: Hoffenheim started like the well-known fire department. Belfodil wrote history with the first TSG hit in the Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena. After 50 seconds, the TSG already led. But City was able to compensate quickly. Afterwards, Aguero had some other possibilities in cooperation with Sané. Hoffenheim was especially happy between the 25th and 35th minute, not to have fallen behind. 45th Minute: An eventful half comes to an end.44. Minute: The pace that sets Manchester here is already enormous. Let's see if the young Hoffenheim can go over 90 minutes. The possession of the ball is namely two-thirds with the guests. It is well known that running behind is more exhausting than having the ball.42. Minute: Aguero again with a shot. His attempt from 20 meters skims just over the crossbar. 39 minutes: Belfodil is sent again. But from an acute angle Ederson can easily fend off. Again two exclamation marks of the hosts. 36th Minute: Demirbay is now the best Hoffenheim. Again and again he conquers balls and forces Manchester to fouls. Fernandinho sees yellow trying to stop the left foot from a quick attack. Afterwards Joelinton serves Belfodil, but the attempt is too weak. 35th Minute: Again Aguero. Baumann can fight off. That was a handsome dinghy, but also a good parry of the keepers. 33 minutes: Hoffenheim is reckless with the ball possession. Manchester simply has play in conquering the ball. Sané prevails in the connection against the entire Hoffenheim defense. After a push the leather lands at Aguero, who gives a very good scoring chance. The Argentine, however, had to stretch powerful to get to the ball. Not easy for the striker. 31 minutes: Now the first longer injury break. David Silva writhes on the floor. Demirbay hit the Spaniard on the shin. But nothing bad happened. For Silva it continues. 29 minutes: Kompany rises highest and heads Baumann in the arm. But the Belgian had fouled before. Blown. 28th Minute: Hoffenheim is currently difficult to free. Wide balls from the defensive land at Kompany, who can continue playing unchallenged. The next attack ends in a corner. 27 minutes: Baumann fists a corner out of the box. Gundogan had run briefly to Sané, get the ball again and pulled her on the fiver. 26th Minute: If City builds the game, Otamendi and Kompany are partially already in the Hoffenheim half. That's what one is used to from Guardiola's teams. 24th. Minute: Belfodil tries to send Joelinton, but is expired by Laporte. Following the Hoffenheimer fouls the city player. At the moment, both teams are neutralizing, after the hectic initial phase. 21st Minute: Because Grillitsch and Demirbay are the only two central midfielders, Manchester can combine well if they manage to pass over the six-position on Joelinton, Szalai and Belfodil. The courageous lineup of Nagelsmann but ensures a brisk game on both sides. 19th. Minute: Belfodil feels a special zest for action. Much goes over the ex-Bremer. Even if the scorer does not succeed, he is very active. 16th Minute: Sterling is moving to the sprint – and what a! The Englishman runs Posch loose and concludes. Baumann with a mega-parade. There is a corner that can be cleared in the end. Strong act from the Hoffenheim keeper. 14 minutes: Laporte in his unfamiliar role as left-back. The Spaniard must also turn offensive, there are some voting problems. His pass ends up in nothing. 11th. Minute: Kaderabek falls in the penalty area. But that was too little for a penalty, even if the spectators in the stadium vehemently demand a penalty. The collision of Manchester – Hoffenheim playful leadership7. Minute: 1: 1. And there is the first dangerous attack City and it's already rattling. David Silva sends Sané, who appears alone in front of Baumann. He waits briefly and lays across Aguero. A successful reaction to the early goal. Aguero with his 32nd goal in the Champions League. Minute: Joelinton gets left the ball. His flat cross can be held securely by Ederson. The composition of the TSG is also designed for counterattack. With the early 1: 0 could be specialized now on it. Quickly switch from an orderly defense and launch some offensive actions via Belfodil, Joelinton and Szalai. 4th Minute: Hoffenheim arranges here differently than thought. Kaderabek plays on the left, Brenet on the right. City has recovered from the early shock and is now trying to build the game. But it still succeeds very little. Hoffenheim against Manchester City with real lightning Tor1. Minute: HOFFENHEIM LEADS! Belfodil pushes in. The first attack at home in the Champions League has led to a goal. Belfodil was sent and stood alone before Ederson. He shoved coldly left. 1: 0. kick-off: The ball rolls! 18:53: The teams are ready and listen to the anthem. It is deeply breathed again. These musical sounds have never been heard by the Kraichgau. 18:52: Jogi Löw is incidentally also found in the stands. The national coach Dietmar Hopp has just welcomed in the box. 18.50 clock: The game begins in five minutes. Many are making their debut today. It will be exciting to see how much the nervousness will play a role.18.45 clock: For the Hoffenheim is, as mentioned, the first official home game in the premier class. 18:35: "Yes, everyone wants to win a game. It's a fascinating competition, "said Guardiola before the match. About Hoffenheim says the coach: "They are new and the enthusiasm is more everything else. It has always been difficult in Hoffenheim, I know that from experience. Away, it is always difficult in the Champions League "18:26: Nagelsmann has come up with something fashionable again. He wears a red bodice and optically sets an example.18.24 pm: "After all, they were involved in that we are here. Justin does not have the rhythm right now. But against Leipzig he was good, "said Julian Nagelsmann on the young in defense and in particular Hoogma. 18.20 clock: Guardiola plays today probably in a 4-3-3. The experienced center-back Laporte has to help out in the back left. Nagelsmann plays with the usual formation: 3-4-3. Kaderabek and Brenet strengthen the midfield, but arrange themselves on the defensive and form a five-string. 6:05 pm: Julian Nagelsmann has to return to the young defense today. Justin Hoogma (20), Kevin Akpoguma (23) and Stefan Posch (21) are quite inexperienced compared to the city defense. Kasim Adams, Kevin Vogt, Havard Nordveidt, Ermin Bicakcic and Benjamin Hübner are injured. TSG Hoffenheim against Manchester City: Guardiola relies on German duo 17:53: Manchester City runs today in the alternative jersey with unfamiliar colors. These three are all in the XI tonight! Feeling good about the line-up, Blues? #tsgvcity #mancity pic.twitter.com/iAAnuJR4DW- Manchester City (@ManCity) October 2, 2018 5:47 pm: Leroy Sané and Ilkay Gündogan allowed to play from the start. Pep Guardiola has decided against the Brazilian Jesus or the new addition Mahrez. 17:06: The first Champions League evening in Sinsheim can begin. THE CHAAMPIONS #TSGMCI pic.twitter.com/ZlOTbBZEjP- TSG Hoffenheim (@tsghoffenheim) 2 October 2018 TSG Hoffenheim v Manchester City: preliminary report +++ Hello and welcome to our live ticker of the match TSG Hoffenheim against Manchester City.Sinsheim – TSG Hoffenheim against Manchester City is also the duel between Julian Nagelsmann and Pep Guardiola. And the supposed group favorite from England is already under pressure on matchday two of the Champions League. Guardiola's men came under the wheels at home in Etihad Stadium against Olympique Lyon. The French won 2-1. Hoffenheim was allowed to dream for a long time in the Champions League debut, but had to settle for a 1-1 draw with Shakthar Donetsk. The home game against Manchester City is certainly a highlight in the relatively short club history of TSG. It is also the first home game in the Köngis class in the history of 1899. 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