Sarah Connor: Drama in Berlin: Will Bushido Endanger Families by Contact with Clan Leaders?

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Will Bushido's new business partner Sarah Connors endanger family? © dpa / picture alliance / (photomontage) Rap again Star Bushido, brother-in-law of Sarah Connor, maintains close contact with a notorious clan leader. But how dangerous is the singer's relationship with Ashraf Rammo for Sarah's family? Berlin – Will Bushido (40) put Sarah's Connors (38) family at risk again? As reported by *, the rapper was able to break away from the threatening connection to the Abou Chaker clan recently. Nevertheless, Bushido is loud "
            inTouch "already banding with the next underground-size device Sarah Carrier's family in the sights of the notorious Rammo clan? Family drama through Bushido? Sarah Connor and her sister had just approached Sarah Connor once again break contact with Sister Anna-Maria © picture alliance / dpaSchon Bushido's previous association with the Abou Chaker clan drove a wedge between Sarah Connor and her sister Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 36. Sarah Connors was too worried that her family might be affected by the Her brother-in-law's relationship with the notorious Palestinian-born family organization has led to the crosshairs of criminals. Only after Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria had broken the ties with the Abou Chaker clan with a great deal of force did Sarah Connor and Anna-Maria Ferchichi approach again. Bushido and the family of Sarah Connor: So dangerous was his connection to the Abou-Chaker-ClanRapper Bushido is t married to Sarah Connor's sister Anna-Maria Ferchichi © picture alliance / dpaAs reported in an interview with Stern, Bushido and Anna-Maria Ferchichi's recent influence and pressure from General Arafat Abou-Chaker resembled General Power. The couple and their children could no longer move freely and felt increasingly threatened: "Of course we are afraid that someone in revenge shoots at me or my husband. Actually, we expect it every day, "Anna-Maria Ferchichi confessed to the" star. "Family drama by Sarah Connor: Bushido's involvement with the notorious Rammo clan? He recently told Bushido and his wife that they were from the clutches of the Abou Ch Clans freed © picture alliance / dpaIf Bushido had not learned anything from this disastrous connection, through which almost his marriage would have failed, he will probably engage directly with the next clan member: Ashraf's Rammo. The Berlin Rammo clan is just as feared as the Abou-Chakers: robbery, assault and even murder should be in the hands of the Arab-Kurdish extended family.Sarah Connor: Does she have to break up with her sister again? Rapper Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria have been living in constant fear of revenge Abou-Chaker-Clans © picture alliance / dpaSarah Connor always emphasizes that her children are her top priority, which is why she becomes the new connection of her brother-in-law's bus Keep an eye on hideaway on Ashraf's Rammo – and, if need be, re-establish contact with her sister Anna-Maria Ferchichi. * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network. Also interesting: On Instagram, an old video by Sarah Connor has surfaced. In the clip you can see the 38-year-old in a short mini dress. At that time, the singer called herself Sarah Gray and gave deep insights. Recently, there was a nasty body-shaming against the singer on Instagram – Sarah Connors fans go so far with it? Carina Møller-Mikkelsen (23) was once a muscular bodybuilder. But that's the end of it: Today she is making a career as a curvy model with feminine curves. Sarah Connor recently surprised her fans with a puzzling Instagram message that just makes the rumor-tingling kitchen boil. What a transformation: Sarah Connor's little sister Sophia-Luisa Lewe, called "Lulu" has grown up powerful – so hot shows "Lulu" on Instagram.Alena misses her Clemens Fritz – and posts the former captain of Werder Bremen a touching love oath on Instagram.

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