Roman Weidenfeller: What does ex-BVB-pro want to say to his ex-wife on Instagram with picture number 6?

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Roman Weidenfeller (38) and his wife Lisa (archive photo) © picture alliance / dpa / Caroline Seidel Roman Weidenfeller (38) and his wife Lisa have split up, as announced last week. Now the ex-BVB keeper has written his ex-wife via Instagram. And his message raises questions. Munich – After three years of marriage is now over – the relationship of Roman Weidenfeller (38) and his wife Lisa has gone into the bridge. Out of consideration for their common son, the newly separated couple wished to be considerate of their privacy, as the "Bild" showed. Lisa celebrated the World Cup victory in Rio in 2014 with the BVB professional, a house was built – so The news came as a surprise for many fans. Love-off with Roman Weidenfeller and his LisaDas Liebes-Aus became known only last week. In conversation with the newspaper, however, Roman Weidenfeller and Lisa made it clear that they had separated by mutual consent. On Instagram Roman Weidenfeller has now left an emotional message to his still-wife Lisa. For her 32nd birthday, the ex-goalkeeper has congratulated her in a very special way. Roman Weidenfeller: birthday wishes on Instagram for Lisa "Happy Birthday Lisa! All the best and stay healthy. I wish you the best, "writes Roman Weidenfeller to the Instagram post. The 38-year-old has published snapshots of their life together with Lisa. There are ten black and white pictures altogether. Number 6 in the gallery, however, is very special. It shows the two in a very intimate moment. Apparently, the photo was shot at their wedding, both look totally in love. Roman Weidenfeller and Lisa met in 2010 on the sidelines of a BVB game. It quickly sparked at the two. In 2015, they got married. Fans celebrate Roman Weidenfeller on InstagramBei the followers of the birthday gallery for his still-wife Lisa is well received. "Wow! Hats off, dear Roman! "," Roman you are and will remain a gentleman "and" Best Man !! Very big gesture "can be read in the comments. Many of his fans especially want the couple to get together again. After all, Roman and Lisa Weidenfeller are parents of a young son. Roman Weidenfeller had finally drawn in September with his farewell match in Dortmund finally a line under his football career. ml

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