Robert Lewandowski on change intentions: "I did not like a lot at Bayern"

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            Robert Lewandowski has spoken in Poland about the change thoughts of the past months. He said to the portal Sportowe Fakty: "I did not like a lot at Bayern and I had to address that."
            "I had some offers from different clubs," said Lewandowski, "When I realized that there was a strange policy, I decided to speak openly about the offers, signaling that if so many people have something with me I can not go too. " The 30-year-old had openly flirted with a move to Real Madrid. However, he had been aware that there would be no change license: "But I knew that the answer – no matter what offer – will be: 'No, no and no.'"

Despite everything, he feels very comfortable with the Bayern: "I can not speak of a disappointment, I'm at one of the largest clubs in the world." However, the German record champion in terms of global popularity but not keep up with the biggest clubs.
Lewandowski: "The change of the consultant did not happen suddenly" Lewandowski consultant change a few months ago had also interpreted many observers that he wants to force a change. He contradicts: "I did not exchange the adviser to change The change of the advisor did not happen suddenly, but was accomplished already one and a half years before. "Lewandowski stands with the Bavarians until 2021 under contract.

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