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From red / dpa 01. September 2018 – 09:28 clock Early Saturday morning awakens a resident near Ingolstadt. On a site of the refinery Bayernoil there is an explosion – and a major fire. The District Office Pfaffenhofen triggers disaster alarm.

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On a refinery near Ingolstadt a major fire broke out.

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Vohburg on the Danube – Eight people were injured in an explosion and a subsequent major fire on the grounds of the refinery Bayernoil in Vohburg on the Danube. Initially, according to police, 1,800 people from surrounding homes were forced to leave their homes because of the smoke. After about three hours, the cloud of smoke partially dissolved – and people were able to return to their homes, as Hans-Peter Kammerer from the police headquarters of Oberbayern Nord said.

The district office Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm triggered according to police disaster alarm. This was a decision of the operations management, so that the forces can work together optimally, said Kammerer. How it came to the explosion and the fire was initially unclear.
"The fire fighting is running at full speed," the spokesman continued. "The situation has only relaxed so far that the evacuation of the residents is no longer necessary." Furthermore, there were therefore several fire on the site, the flames were not under control. Police, fire and rescue workers were on site with a large contingent of about 400 forces.
Cause of the explosion so far unclear A dense column of smoke had been seen in the morning over the area, sirens howled. Local residents said that the bang was heard for miles in the morning. Several onlookers arrived in the morning in nearby fields and said they had been awakened by the explosion. "We have meanwhile cordoned off," said another police spokesman. Residents were asked to keep windows and doors closed. The injured are according to police coworkers of the enterprise. On the grounds east of the city of Ingolstadt there was an explosion, according to police early Saturday morning, then developed a major fire in the LPG and liquid gasoline plant of the gas power plant. On videos, the users of the short message service Twitter spread on the Internet, bright blazing flames were seen. The company wrote on its homepage on the Internet of a "disorder".
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