NFL Game Report: New York Giants Vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Philly Introduces New York

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            The Philadelphia Eagles have pulled in the Thursdy Night Game a 34:13 blowout victory at terrifyingly harmless New York Giants. A bearded Saquon Barkley was the only bright spot for the home side, while Odell Beckham once again provided for sideline drama. For Philly Carson Wentz played the best game since his injury return.
            Anyone who thought that the Giants' game in Carolina last week was the starting point for the offense and New York is now launching an attack on the NFC East, was deceived early on. With the exception of Saquon Barkley, the gig was a disaster. The offensive line put pressure on almost every snap against the Eagles' 4-men rush and this led to an already unsettled Eli Manning (24/43, 281 YDS, INT) not having the idea To look downfield. Instead, check-outs on the rookie running back were the only thing Manning saw as a way out. Barley (13 CAR, 130 YDS, TD, 9 REC, 99 YDS) took the absolute maximum and broke several tackles on spectacular plays, but That was the only ray of hope. An early turnaround and a fumble of the Giants picked up at the 1-yard line helped Philly build up a comfortable lead early on. Important, because the Eagles Offense came from a difficult start to the season and craved for self-confidence.

This was found in the course of the second quarter, when the O-Line controlled New York's lightning pack very solidly and Carson Wentz (26/36, 278 YDS, 3 TD) steadily built up a rhythm with Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor. An impromptu downfield pass and a glorious red zone play helped the Eagles to have more points in the pack at break time than in any of the first five games in total. Philly's front dominated the duel in the Trenches and Manning could never come to rest in the second round. It was class difference. A duel on different levels. The frustration of the Giants reflected once again one or the other side line performance of Odell Beckham again. The Wideout, who had signed a monster contract in the offseason, left after two receptions in the first half the field before the final play towards the cabin. After a 50-yard touchdown run by Barkley, which had no effect on the outcome of the game in the middle of the third quarter, the extroverted wideout on the sideline then hit his head several times against a refrigerator and let his displeasure through some tirades Freerunning.
Giants vs. Eagles – The most important statisticsNew York Giants (1-5) – Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) 13:34 (3:14, 3:10, 7: 7, 0: 3) BOXSCORIt has been intercepted in the first quarter by Eli Manning Thrown 88 picks in 2013 already. More than any other quarterback during this period. Manning was under pressure at 18 dropbacks. The third highest value in the last ten years. Eli threw against Pressure 2/14 for 16 yards. Saquon Barkley's runs for 46 yards in the first quarter and the 50-yard touchdown in the second half were already the second and third runs for over 40 yards this season. From 2015 to 2017, the Giants had a total of only two such Runs.Zum the end of the first half, the Giants awarded for the eighth time in the game the chance of a third-down conversion. Together with the game in Carolina, there were already 15 assigned third downs in a row. Beckham finished the series in the first third down of the second half. The Eagles had never scored more than 23 points per game in weeks 1-5. The break was against the Giants already 24.Philly was in third-down situations with more than six yards to the new first down at 6/7. The only one of those situations in which they did not make a new first down was a 3rd and 20th. The star of the game: Carson Wentz (Philadelphia Eagles) The best game since his return. Wentz got off to a good start with all the opportunities in the first quarter and gained considerable self-confidence. He recognized the lightning of the Giants and always found the right answers. His precision and the pass on impressive drives in the second and third quarter reminded of the Wentz of the preseason. So also Scrambles, where he maybe went too much risk. Wentz was at Third Downs by the end of the third quarter at 10/10.
The flop of the game: Nate Solder (New York Giants) The O-Line of the Giants was holey in many places. But nowhere did it have such a big impact on the game as the initial problems on the Blind Side Mannings. Often, Michael Bennett easily made it past Solder's left side and quickly collected a sack and a fumble. The latter even rallied Solder because he was already beaten so far by Bennett that he could watch the fumble from his best position. The ex-patriot gathered in the course of the game. Also Nebenmann Will Hernandez paid a lot of apprenticeship. Analysis Giants vs.. Eagles: The Tactics BoardIn the duel of two unsettled Offensive Lines both Defenses took different approaches to attack them. The Eagles relied heavily on their 4-men rush, while the Giants frequently broadcast flash packets. New York's O-Line was always in a big trouble, but Wentz got along well with the Giants-D approach and quickly found the right solutions to get rid of the ball early. The big pressure, the mistakes in the early stages and the continued lack of self-confidence in Manning As a result, the veteran merely dared to play check-down passes. The Eagles had four drives in the first quarter and the completion with most of the Manning air yards was two. The frustration with players, coaches and fans was very quick to note. Passes that flew over 10 yards, went with a prayer to Beckham in Double Coverage. Real ideas to free Beckham through route concepts were far too rare to recognize. In the Eagles, Corey Clement and Wendell Smallwood shared the backfield and shared the snaps. Philly largely renounced usual RPO plays. Conspicuous were many Bunch Formations, from which Wentz could record again and again simple Completions on Slant Routes of its receivers, with which one drew the Drives in the second half in the length and sovereignly controlled the clock.

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