Markus Weinzierl as new coach at VfB Stuttgart: "Jahn Regensburg 3.0"

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            Just two days after separating from Tayfun Korkut, VfB Stuttgart has presented its new head coach, Markus Weinzierl. – that was already known as the first choice in the country. The situation at VfB is reminiscent of a mixture of Schalke and FC Augsburg, and thus of the two clubs, the Weinzierl had previously trained.
            When Markus Weinzierl conducted an interview with the Augsburger Allgemeine in July of this year, he had just spent a year on paid holidays. The FC Schalke 04 had him on leave for the end of the 2016/17 season, a contract resolution could not agree. Incidentally, this failed already a commitment at VfB Stuttgart in January 2018 – instead, one committed in Ländle Tayfun Korkut.Also Weinzierl took advantage of the newly gained free time, spent time with his family and interned among others at Pep Guardiola in Manchester and watched the training in Leverkusen, Bremen or Mönchengladbach. But it tingled again at the 43-year-olds, which is why finally the agreement with Schalke took place.

And so Weinzierl went in search of a new employer. Preferably in Germany, which is why he also "intensively watched" the Bundesliga for months, as he emphasized in his presentation on Tuesday in Stuttgart. A quotation from the said interview in July is particularly interesting with regard to VfB. As he would imagine his next club, Weinzierl was asked: "I would not mind to re-establish a small club, but I would have nothing against a traditional club that is successful." The VfB sits exactly between these two poles. Markus Weinzierl has landed at an unsuccessful traditional club, which has made itself small by its own fault and must be re-established eleven years after the last championship title.
Markus Weinzierl: Success with Jahn Regensburg and FC Augsburg Rebuilding a small club, that would have been a second Jahn Regensburg for Weinzierl, where he begins as an assistant coach after an early career end and in 2008 finally head coach. This "leap into the cold water" masters the young football teacher successfully, 2012 even creates the leap into the second league on the relegation. Even then, he developed an image as a "tough dog," as a former comrade told SPOX: "Who does not pull, is immediately down through." Or it would be a "FC Augsburg 2.0" – almost the Jahn, just one size bigger : As a similar young star as his Schalke successor Domenico Tedesco is Weinzierl, as it woos the FCA from Regensburg. Successor of Jos Luhukay he should become, from the limited resources of the club to get the maximum. Maximum does not work. With a style of play that is based on running and combat readiness, high intensity. No hurray-football, but with fast switching game often not less spectacular. And successful: First he holds the class, although from the first round only nine points to book. In 2013/2014, Weinzierl even leaves Pep Guardiola behind in his election as coach of the year, and a year later he succeeds in his masterpiece: he leads the FCA in fifth place and in the Europa League.
The previous coach stations of Markus WeinzierlVereinAmtsantrittAmtsendeGamesDots / SpielJahn Regensburg24.11.200830.06.20161401,29FC Augsburg01.07.201230.06.20161541,30FC Schalke 0401.07.201630.06.2017501,52Markus Weinzierl fails as coach of Schalke 04More is in the best of intentions not in Augsburg, knows Weinzierl. As it goes against the descent in the following season, he takes the risk and signs in Gelsenkirchen. Suddenly, he is no longer an underdog, but one of the country's most popular clubs, with the fourth largest personal budget. "I knew that Schalke could be a huge opportunity, but also a risk," he says in retrospect. Why did not it work? "In hindsight, you can always argue, but it just did not fit together," he says. The triple load takes its toll, many players are late committed, Max Meyer and Leon Goretzka return late from Rio. There is no proper preparation, Weinzierl can not establish his style of play.Dazu comes the completely messed up start of the season: After five defeats in a row, the team is in a hole from which it can not climb out in the following months. "From then on, I could only work with my back to the wall – the emotional environment on Schalke makes it of course not easier," says Weinzierl the Sport Bild.Dass a year later is the end, but not only lies on the disappointing table space ten. Manager Christian Heidel expresses his wishful coach a scathing judgment, speaks of "no development on the pitch", no "clear concept". He lacks the game idea, the watermark, the Weinzierl the team should miss.
© gettyThe lower half of the BundesligaPlatzTeamSp.ToreDiffPkt.10.FC Augsburg714: 131811.SC Freiburg79: 13-4812.1. FC Nürnberg77: 16-9813.TSG Hoffenheim711: 12-1714.Bayer Leverkusen77: 13-6715.Schalke 0475: 9-4616.Hannover 9678: 14-6517.Fortuna Dusseldorf75: 11-6518.VfB Stuttgart76: 13-75This judgment has Michael Reschke at VfB Stuttgart not deterred. He is convinced that he has not brought the Weinzierl of S04, but the FCA. "We are pleased that we could sign with Markus Weinzierl an experienced and at the same time ambitious head coach," he said on Tuesday. In plain language: Weinzierl should not only prevent the descent, as in Augsburg, but establish the VfB back where he belongs to self-understanding. "It's about stabilizing the team, especially on the offensive we have to play more refreshing and goal-scoring." Away from the defensive football of a Korkut, with passion and wit, with a style that can electrify the audience. The hurdle for Weinzierl is at first a similar as on Schalke. At his new club, he would like to start before the season starts, he revealed in February the BR, so with preparation and influence on the squad planning. That's not the case, and just like two years ago, the start of the season has already failed completely – once again, he is in 18th place on the table. Maybe it's just the right next step in Weinzierl's coaching career. Still a little bit bigger than Augsburg, with more possibilities, but at the same time without the big pressure like on Schalke – "Jahn Regensburg 3.0", even if one probably does not like to hear that in Swabia.

  Stuttgart, Schalke and Co .: The ejection seats of the Bundesliga since the turn of the millennium
    1 / 20Markus Weinzierl is the successor of Tayfun Korkut on the trainer chair at VfB Stuttgart. In the new millennium, hardly any other Bundesliga club has presented so many new instructors. Here you can find out who has the nose in front of the coach wear.2 / 20Spitzenreiter would actually be the HSV. 23 coaches worked for the Hamburg in the new millennium. The longest was Frank Pagelsdorf with 4 years, 2 months and 17 days. As a current second division of HSV is not one of the ranking. 3 / 20Rang 18: SC Freiburg with 4 coaches – longest term: Volker Finke (15 years 11 months 30 days) .4 / 20Rang 16: SV Werder Bremen with 8 coaches – longest term: Thomas Schaaf (14 years 5 days) .5 / 20Rang 16: RB Leipzig with 8 coaches – Longest term: Alexander Zorniger (2 years 7 months 8 days) .6 / 20Rang 14: Borussia Dortmund with 9 coaches – Longest term: Jürgen Klopp (6 years 11 months 30 days) .7 / 20Rang 14: 1. FSV Mainz 05 with 9 coaches – longest term: Jürgen Klopp (7 years 4 months 2 days) 8 / 20Rang 13: FC Augsburg with 11 coaches – longest term: Markus Weinzierl (3 years 11 months 30 days) .9 / 20Rang 11: TSG Hoffenheim with 13 coaches – Longest term: Hans-Dieter Flick (5 years 4 months 19 days) .10 / 20Rank 11: Bayern Munich with 13 coaches – Longest term: Ottmar Hitzfeld (5 years 11 months 30 days) .11 / 20Trace 10: Eintracht Frankfurt with 14 coaches – Longest term: Friedhelm Funkel (4 years 11 months 30 days) .12 / 20Rong 9: Hannover 96 with 15 Tr ainern – Longest term: Mirko Slomka (3 years 11 months 8 days) .13 / 20Six 8: Borussia Mönchengladbach with 16 – Longest term: Lucien Favre (4 years 7 months 6 days) .14 / 20Rank 6: Hertha BSC with 17 coaches – Longest term: Jürgen Röber (6 years 1 month 5 days) .15 / 20Rang 6: 1. FC Nürnberg with 17 – Longest term: Klaus Augenthaler (3 years 1 month 28 days) .16 / 20Rang 4: Bayer Leverkusen with 18 Trainers – Longest Term: Christoph Daum (4 years 3 months 22 days) .17 / 20Range 4; VfL Wolfsburg with 18 coaches – longest term: Wolfgang Wolf (4 years 11 months 9 days) .18 / 20Range 3: Fortuna Dusseldorf with 20 coaches – longest term: Norbert Meier (5 years 4 months 25 days) .19 / 20Range 2: Schalke 04 with 21 coaches – longest term: Huub Stevens (5 years 8 months 21 days) .20 / 20Rang 1: VfB Stuttgart with 23 coaches – longest term: Felix Magath (3 years 2 months 28 days).

Weinzierl can reflect on his strengths and get the club out of the table cellar with hard, unfussy work. And there is no miracle, after all, the residue is manageable and the player material is good enough. And once that has worked out, he can still show what he has learned from Pep Guardiola.Spielplan: These are the next opponents of VfB StuttgartDatumOrtGegner20. 10.HeimBorussia Dortmund27.10.AuswärtsTSG 1899 Hoffenheim02.11.HeimEintracht Frankfurt10.11.Auswärts1. FC Nürnberg23.11.AwardsBayer Leverkusen

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