Jungle Camp 2019: All candidates are now confirmed

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Jungle Camp 2019: All candidates are officially announced. Sonja Zietlow has announced this publicly. All information can be found here. RTL has apparently signed the contracts with the candidates for the 2019 jungle camp. This is the result of a recent Facebook post by Jungle Camp host Sonja Zietlow. On Monday, the station told them which candidates they have to deal with in the next jungle camp season. Dschungelcamp candidates 2019 are apparently fixed on her Facebook account Sonja Zietlow wrote: "Today it will be exciting …. uiuiui …. I will actually find out today who will make us happy in the jungle in January so everything … expresses the Thumbs up, that we get good performers and characters. But I can not reveal anything. Let me tell you soon! "Although Sonja Zietlow emphasizes her secrecy obligation: We can therefore assume that soon appear the first names of the candidates for the jungle camp 2019 in the media. In recent years, it has always been in terms of RTL shows notoriously well informed Bild newspaper, which gradually announced the candidates. And this with an enormously high hit rate, as it always shows in January, when the Cologne private station officially announces the participants.What are the jungle camp candidates made public? Just before the flight to Australia reveals RTL, which candidates in the current jungle camp Season are here. Until then, all media get the same answer to questions about possible candidates: "We do not participate in speculation." Video: Kilo update for Jenny Frankenhauser jungle camp 2019: The hottest rumors surrounding the candidate jungle camp fans have to wait a bit longer until the new one Season of the RTL reality show "I'm a star – Get me out of here!" However, there are already some spicy candidate rumors circulating that sweeten our waiting time until the jungle camp 2019. The jungle camp 2018 disappointed the fans with 12 boring candidates. That there will be a new season despite bad odds, confirmed RTL already. As usual, it will air live from Australia in January. According to the magazine HÖRZU, a very prominent application for the battle for the jungle crown should already be received by RTL: Entrepreneurs Otto Waalkes would like to move into the jungle in the coming season but still no invitation received from RTL. "If an honest offer came, how could I refuse? It would be a great honor for me to be invited there, "said the 70-year-old. However, as you know, you can not take all comedian statements at face value. The jungle camp application is probably just a gag.Otto Waalkes is considered a hot candidate for the jungle camp in 2019. © Daniel Reinhardt / dpa Jungle Camp 2019 Perhaps again with ex-footballer? It is well known that ex-footballers are part of the inventory of jungle dwellers. It is quite possible that in the jungle camp 2019 the former B
            undesirable league striker Jürgen Wegman
            n (54) succeeds Thorsten Legat and Eike Immel. Already two years ago, he said to Sportbild that he could well imagine his entry into the jungle. With his famous saying "I'm more venomous than the most venomous snake" and his nickname "Cobra" he would definitely be predestined to do so. And financially could Jürgen Wegmann, who used to play for FC Bayern, BVB and Schalke, the jungle camp well. He is supposed to live from an occupational disability pension by now. It is certain that RTL, like every year, will once again send semi-known TV stars from the usual reality formats such as Germany to the superstar and Germany's next top model into the jungle. As hot contender for the jungle camp 2019 is already traded former USS candidate Emilija Mihailova. Even Dieter Bohlen predicted the 28-year-old after her first motto show appearance in his scathing criticism – after the singer was selected from the show – a jungle career: "I'm sure that more people of TV formats will call you, to you for the jungle and the devil wants to have something, as a spectator, to see you on here. "Danni Büchner: candidate in the jungle camp 2019? Danni Büchner is also being traded as a possible candidate for the jungle camp in 2019. That she can bring tinder into a reality TV format, she proved in the "summer house of the stars" 2018. She and her husband "Malle" Jens Büchner (he was in the jungle camp in 2017) brought almost all other participants against him , Danni Büchner was already asked in an Instagram story, if she could imagine a participation in the jungle camp. Her answer: "I've never thought about it". Garnished with a smiley face. A denial sounds different. The fact that an A celebrity like Vanessa Mai is being traded as a candidate for the 2019 jungle camp naturally sounds like a joke. Her career is still going too well, one would think, as if she had to do the Australian bush. In fact, the Schlagerprinzessin was asked in an interview with the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger if she could imagine participating in the jungle camp. Your – unsurprising – answer: "Clear no. I would not know what to do there. "In 2019 we will definitely not see Vanessa Mai in the jungle camp. This prognosis can probably be made without hesitation. And then there is Reiner Calmund, former manager of the Bundesliga side Bayer 04 Leverkusen. As he revealed in the previous VOX show "Grill den Henssler" in 2017, there was interest in getting him to the jungle camp. Undoubtedly "Calli" would be a most sympathetic candidate. He himself would not be completely averse to participating by his own admission. Only: The health of the pounds XXL man is a move into the jungle camp probably in the way. There were already some participants in the past who had to leave the camp for health reasons: Helmut Berger, Gunter Gabriel, Rolf Zacher, Giulia Siegel and Lisa Bund. That's why we certainly will not see Reiner Calmund 2019 as a candidate. No jungle camp 2019 for this SchlagerstarLange before the candidates for the jungle camp 2019 are known, there is already the first cancellation. Unfortunately, fans of Tony Marshall can not look forward to the 80-year-old's participation, as Bild reports. He would have liked to be there, but because of his heart condition, Tony Marschall had to cancel the jungle camp in 2019. © Uli Deck / dpaZwar Tony Marshall would like to be there – and have already paid the fee of about 300,000 euros for his foundation – but forbid him his doctor the grueling journey. The pop singer is said to be suffering from a heart failure that makes him the long flight to Australia impossible. Additional incentives for candidates in the jungle camp 2019Pictional candidate of the jungle camp 2019 is promised by the way a lucrative innovation of RTL: Among others, the successor of Jungle Queen 2018 Jenny Frankhauser in the For the first time a winning total of 250,000 euros will get, as Bild reports. The official confirmation of RTL is still pending. Apparently, a win bonus is sorely needed: This year it is extremely difficult to find candidates for the jungle camp, the online portal sp

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