Hurricane "Michael" Demands Six Deaths – Ravages in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina

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Hurricane "Michael" hit Florida with full force and wreaked havoc. At least two people died. All the information about the monster storm in the news ticker! Hurricane "Michael" hit the coast of Florida with wind speeds of 250 kilometers per hour on Wednesday (October 10).
                The authorities warned of life-threatening storm surges, heavy rain and strong gusts, especially in the Panhandle and Big Bend regions.
                375,000 people are to be evacuated.
                According to CNN, the hurricane claimed at least two casualties. >>> UPDATE <<< 6:34 am: Hurricane "Michael" has claimed the lives of at least six people on the southeastern coast of the United States. Police in the Gadsden district of Florida said on Thursday night (local time) that four people had died there due to the storm. The Washington Post reported, citing a police spokeswoman, that in one of the four cases a man had died when a tree fell on the roof of his house. The other three cases were initially not known. Hurricane "Michael" © dpa / Gerald HerbertEven in Georgia and North Carolina came by the storm people to death. CNN and the Washington Post reported, citing local authorities, that a man in his car had been killed by a tree in North Carolina. And in Georgia, an eleven-year-old girl was killed when a carport was lifted into the air by the storm and crashed through a roof. Hurricane "Michael" © dpa / John Spink11. October: Hurricane "Michael" has devastated parts of Florida16.00 clock: "Michael" has now been downgraded to tropical storm, but he remains dangerous. In Georgia, an eleven-year-old girl was killed when a carport swirling in the air landed on her house, local disaster relief chief Travis Brooks said. The US hurricane center warned Thursday of heavy rains and storm surges in parts of Georgia, northern Iraq. and South Carolina, as well as in Virginia, before "Michael" moves on Friday in the open Atlantic 12:15: Hurricane "Michael" has killed at least two people in the US state of Florida. A child and a man had died, reports CNN. Streets are under water, of some houses remain only debris left. The people are stunned.8.40 o'clock
            r: Chief of the Civil Protection Agency Fema, Brock Long, said at a White House briefing, "Michael" was the strongest panhandle storm since 1851. The National Meteorological Service said there was no record of a Hurricane 4 force in the region The hurricane moved on to Florida in the direction of the states of Georgia and Alabama. It has now been downgraded to the lowest hurricane category 1, measured wind speeds of up to 145 km / h. 6:03: After the hurricane "Michael" Florida has reached full force, the authorities have search and rescue teams in the worst hit areas cleverly. State Governor Rick Scott said Wednesday evening (local time) at a press conference. According to a CNN report, the hurricane killed at least one person's life. Near Greensboro, a man was killed when a tree fell on a house. Hurricane "Michael" reaches Florida – the news from 10 October 201821.04 clock: Hurricane "Michael" is hit in Florida on land. With wind speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour, the eye of the storm reached the midday Wednesday (local time) the so-called panhandle, a coastal region in the northwest of the US state, as the US hurricane center announced. "Michael" hit the country's second highest category northwest of Mexico City as a hurricane. Four outrage calls for 375,000 people and hourly more urgent warnings prompted the authorities to prepare the residents of Florida for the arrival of "Michael." The US hurricane center warned people not to take the storm lightly: with up to four meters high tidal waves, heavy rain and the power to uproot trees, "Michael" has life-threatening potential. "Do not risk your life, go immediately if asked, "said the US Weather Service. The authorities called on some 375,000 residents in 20 districts to take precautionary safety measures. For 120,000 residents of Bay County, a lower-lying coastal area in the panhandle, they ordered the evacuation. Governor Rick Scott warned that "Michael" could become "the most destructive storm for decades" for the panhandle. "It's a monstrous storm, and the predictions are getting worse," he explained. The hurricane could bring "total destruction" to parts of Florida, especially the lower-lying coastal towns. US President Donald Trump called the region's state of emergency via Twitter to quickly release federal funds. Hurricane "Michael" hits Florida. The hurricane has now reached category 4. © AFP / JOE RAEDLE20.01: Immediately before the arrival of Hurricane Michael on the Florida coast, US President Donald Trump has warned of the enormous force of the storm. It was not expected that the originally small storm would become a "monster", said Trump at a meeting with Chief of the Civil Protection Agency Fema, Brock Long, and Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen on Wednesday in the White House. Long said, "This would be the most intense hurricane since 1851 that hit this area, if I remember correctly." "Michael" has gained momentum rapidly: on Tuesday, the storm had initially been upgraded to a category three hurricane, in the night to Wednesday then to category four. The highest level is five. The authorities had urged many people to leave the affected area. Long said, "We are worried that many citizens have decided not to follow the warnings." Trump announced that he would visit the disaster area on Sunday or Monday. On a previous visit, he feared getting in the way of the helpers, the president said. A CNN reporter in the Storm area said people in the area thought they would hit a Category Two hurricane on Tuesday. When they woke up on Wednesday, they faced a category four storm. The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, had said in the morning, it was too late to flee the storm area. Too late for fleeing hurricane "Michael" 17:34: Hurricane "Michael" is currently with an enormous wind forces of 241 Kilometers per hour on the way. From 252 kilometers per hour, a hurricane is classified in category 5. 16:59: Before the arrival of hurricane "Michael" on the US coast, the European Commission has pledged aid. At the request of the US authorities, the Copernicus Service for Disaster and Crisis Management has been activated, the European Commission said on Wednesday in Brussels at 14:55: The wind forces of Hurricane Michael now reach 230 km / h. The Governor of the State of Florida called on those affected in the storm area to seek immediate protection. It is too late to leave the area, Governor Rick Scott said on Wednesday morning (local time) on Twitter with 12:11 o'clock
            r: The outer rainbands slowly reach the coast, said the National Hurricane Center via Twitter. Hurricane "Michael" is expected to bring storm tides up to four meters. For the city of Panama City Beach and other lower areas on the "Panhandle" are forced evictions. 2.4 million residents were called to safety, CNN reported. Video: Hurricane "Michael" threatens Florida's coastline11.07 clock: Hurricane "Michael" probably meets between Tyndall Air Force Base and Keaton Beach ashore. Update 4 on CDT Extremely dangerous category 4 Hurricane #Michael nearing the coast of the Florida panhandle. This is a life-threatening event for the northeastern portion of the Gulf Coast. Hourly updates will be provided at National Hurricane Center (@NHC_Atlantic) October 10, 2018 9:17 am: On its way to the state of Florida, the hurricane has hit "Michael" continues to gain strength. The US weather service upgraded "Michael" to the second-highest hurricane category 4 early Wednesday morning (local time). He expects the "extremely dangerous" hurricane in the afternoon to hit Florida's Gulf Coast. Hurricane # 4: Hurricane and its outer rainbands are beginning to reach the coast. This is a life-threatening event for portions of the northeastern Gulf Coast. Go to for details. National Hurricane Center (@NHC_Atlantic) October 10, 2018 During the night on Wednesday, a heavy storm raged on Mallorca. There were dead and injured. Hurricane "Michael" picks up speed – Florida prepares for Miami / Washington – Hurricane "Michael" is on its way to the US Gulf Coast. "Michael" now reaches wind speeds of up to 205 kilometers per hour, with the National Hurricane Center (NHC) ranking the hurricane on Tuesday at the third of five hurricane categories, with the hurricane hit Florida's coast Wednesday afternoon (local time) Meteorologists rated Tuesday's "Michael" storm a hurricane at level three out of five – with wind speeds now up to 195 kilometers per hour – people in the affected areas on the west coast of the southeastern state were called The center of the storm was expected to land on Wednesday. Hurricane "Michael": State of Emergency in 35 DistrictsFor the city of Panama City Beach and other lower-lying areas on the northwestern tip of the state, forced evacuations took place. The National Hurricane Center in Miami w could be more than three and a half meters high storm surges and heavy rains. Florida Governor Rick Scott called the hurricane "monstrous." According to the hurricane center, "Michael" could still gain strength before he hits land. In 35 districts, according to government information, the state of emergency was proclaimed as a precautionary measure. This is initially an internal administrative step that allows the authorities to react quickly. The hurricane center warned that the water would rise before the arrival of the storm. Rook Docko secures his boat in St. Andrews Marina to protect it from the approaching hurricane "Michael." © dpa / Patti BlakeAnd the FEMA also urged them not to wait and the areas In the middle of last month, tropical storm "Florence" hit the southeastern coast of the United States and caused severe flooding, particularly in North Carolina and South Carolina. Several dozen people were killed by "Florence" and the consequences of the storm. In parts of Central America, "Michael" has already shown its destructive power. In San Salvador he brought as a tropical storm heavy rain with it. There were floods and landslides. According to media reports, three people died. On the western tip of Cuba, the hurricane passed on Monday afternoon (local time). The coast of the westernmost province of Pinar del Río was partially flooded. More than 125,000 households in the region were without electricity – the newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba, "Granma", spoke of every other household. What actually means category 2 hurricane? The strength of a hurricane will, according to one of the meteorologists Herbert Saffir and Robert Simpson's developed scale: A Category 1 hurricane reaches wind speeds up to 153 km / h.
                A category 2 hurricane is up to a wind speed of 177 km / h
                A hurricane category 3 to 208 km / h
                A hurricane category 4 to 251 km / h
                A category 5 hurricane from 252 km / h

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