Hesse: Bull flees from slaughterhouse – Police chase him with helicopter – Panorama

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From red / dpa 01. September 2018 – 12:21 am A 500 kg heavy bull breaks out of a slaughterhouse in Hesse. When he flies, he injures a policeman. The police even use a helicopter to catch the aggressive animal.
The cop flees from the slaughterhouse and is shot dead by the police.

Photo: dpa

Mühlheim-Dietesheim – A bull escaped from the slaughterhouse in Hessian Mühlheim-Dietesheim kept police and veterinarians on their toes for hours on Saturday.

Initially, the 500-kilogram-heavy animal was wrong along the railway tracks towards Hanau, which is why the rail traffic had to be stopped several times, as a police spokesman reported. When trying to capture the heavyweight, a fireman was injured – the fleeting animal just ran around him.
The bull was shot. When the cop fled to a recreational area, a police helicopter was also used to persecute it. A boy scout group of about 20 children had to be brought to safety. Two veterinarians tried to stop the animal with blowpipes and stun darts.
However, the bull was "extremely aggressive" at the time, the spokesman said. "He started on everything that moved." There was no thought of stun darts. After two and a half hours of hunting the bull was shot.

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