Hannover: deadly attack – cyclists beat pedestrians in Linden after quarrel to death

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In Hannover in the district of Linden, a pedestrian died on Thursday after being beaten by a cyclist on Monday © dpa / screenshot Google MapsThe fatal end of a dispute: A cyclist beat a pedestrian in Hanover on Monday – the victim dies on Thursday. Brisant: The suspect is said to be a kick boxer and is initially free again. Hanover – A dispute between a cyclist and a pedestrian has taken a deadly end in Hannover-Linden in the Limmer Street, as reported by nordbuzz.de *. As the prosecutor Hanover has communicated on Thursday, the 40-year-old pedestrian after the terrible incident of Monday died on Thursday.Radfahrer beat pedestrians – dies in the hospitalThe deadly dispute between the cyclist and the pedestrian has met in Hannover in the district Linden. © Screenshot Goolge MapsThe man from the district of Laatzen died according to the information in a clinic in Hanover as a result of the beating attack. As the "Bild" reported, it should act in the alleged perpetrators of a kickboxer. Because the cyclist had to evade the pedestrian, it came to a deadly dispute. According to previous findings had the 28-year-old alleged perpetrators on Monday with his bike the pedestrian in the Limmerstraße in Linden must dodge. Before the eyes of many passers-by, the cyclist struck the pedestrian in the following argument and injured him so badly that he died on Thursday. Cyclist arrested in beating attack in his apartment. On Monday, the 28-year-old was still at first for lack of grounds for detention been released. Against him had been determined only because of dangerous bodily injury. On Wednesday he was then arrested in his apartment and presented at the request of the prosecutor to a judge. Interesting with material from dpaAuchSarah Connor surprised her fans recently with a puzzling message on Instagram, which can only seethe the rumor kitchen.Alena misses her Clemens Fritz – and post touching love oath on Instagram.Grusel-Fund in the forest near Lüneburg: Is now a terrible crime cleared up? * Nordbuzz.de is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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