Greece demands 376 billion euros from Germany

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Greece files another claim for reparations – just in time for Federal President Steinmeier's visit. A commission of the parliament demands nearly 400 billion euro.Athen – After more than eight years of saving and reform policy left Greece the middle of August 2018 the EU rescue. The result of this time, however, is sobering. Although the government under Alexis Tsipras was able to reduce the deficit of the state budget, the decisive reforms could not be put through to rekindle the Greek economy. Now Tsipras government could fail. And now comes a renewed demand: Germany should again make reparation payments for the Nazi period, to coincide with the visit of Federal President Frank-Walther Steinmeier. Among other things, he plans to visit the former concentration camp Chaidari near Athens, to deposit there a floral arrangement. According to a report in the picture said the President of the Reparations Commission in the Greek parliament, Triantafyllos Mitafides (70): "The issue of German reparations is every opportunity raised by Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos. Unfortunately so far only during memorial service in villages that suffered from the atrocities of the Nazis. I think the visit of the Federal President is a good opportunity to clarify this question personally, not only through public statements, but also between the two Presidents. "The report and the total amount of reparations are based not on speculation or estimates, but on official documents. For Greece, there is no limitation period to claim German reparations. According to the following claims are raised171.4 billion euros, the net claims of Greece until 2014 amount. They relate mainly to the destruction of Greek infrastructure by the Nazis. Another 10.3 billion euros are required for compulsory loans that Greece had to make during the occupation. In addition, 33.8 billion euros for the loss of state resources such as oil, agriculture, etc. from 1940 to 1944. In addition, the Greek parliament calls for additional 53.8 billion euros as compensation for production losses during the occupation.Finally, individual payments for the bereaved the Greeks murdered and injured by the National Socialists are paid at least 15.1 billion euros. A more extreme calculation even comes to 107.2 billion euros. Makes a total of 376.5 billion euros! German politicians fight against claimsLaut of the report of the image, German politicians, however, see no reason for the reparations payments. FDP foreign expert Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (51): "This discussion hurts Europe and brings nothing to Greece. Germany does not have to pay, this has been clear under international law since the 1960 agreement. "In fact, in 1960 the sum of the reparations payments between the Federal Republic and the Kingdom of Greece was negotiated by the Global Agreement. In addition, these were regulated by the consent of Greece to the two-plus-four treaty of 1990. For Lambsdorff the demands are only a "transparent maneuver of the Greek populists to scores for domestic policy." The CDU foreign policy Elmar Brok (72) explained to Bild: "With the London Debt Agreement, everything was regulated, there are legally no financial claims against Germany. "The discussion was a pity only for relations between Germany and Greece and should not start again. Unlike Greece's reparations demands in 2015, when Green and SPD politicians voted in favor of compensation

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