Founding of companies Innovation platform: Startups to Northern Hesse

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Innovations are indispensable for economic success. North-Hessian companies have now joined forces to create a new ideas platform. North-Hessian companies, too, must anticipate trends and develop new products, manufacturing processes and organizational methods to stay competitive. Ideas are often supplied by start-ups, ie young entrepreneurs. To attract them to the region and to promote local startups, several local companies have now founded an innovation platform. # NorthHessenAccelerates (English accelerate = accelerate) is the name of the joint project of the Melsunger medical technology manufacturer B. Braun, the Kasseler fertilizer company K + S and the heating and cooling technology manufacturer Viessmann from Allendorf. The FiDT technology and incubator Kassel as well as the Science Park Kassel are also present. In January, the pilot should go to the start. Gerold Kreuter, Science Park Kassel. According to Gerold Kreuter of the Science Park and Innovation Center FiDT, participants will have the opportunity to develop their ideas in a timeframe that has not yet been specifically defined – probably three to four months. They are supported by the companies. The companies profit from the innovative ideas of the founders, the startups in turn from their know-how and experience. This will speed up the implementation of the idea. "We need fresh thinking from outside, people from all over the world, who are developing new ideas in and for the region," says Alexander Katzung. He is Vice President Acceleration & Innovation at B. Braun, a kind of innovation representative for the medical technology specialist. The company also has its own Accelerate program. Alexander Katzung, B. Braun According to Katzung, #NorthHessenAccelerates is a kind of movement that startups from Germany and abroad get to Northern Hesse and also want to settle here. That was extremely difficult. "The scene is bustling in Berlin," says Katzung. The region has much to offer: "Northern Hesse is a beautiful and interesting location." Culture, nature, family friendliness and short distances are just a few plus points. The aim of the initiative is to create a creative environment in which startups and employees of the local Companies work together on innovations. "We want to look beyond the box by addressing startups nationwide and internationally and networking with them," says Katzung. Of interest are cross-cutting topics, which interested all companies – also medium-sized companies. "We must open up, talents, people with different ways of thinking and competences for us win," says Katzung. An open political climate is also important for this. Because: "If we can not win startups, we will have disadvantages in competition with other regions." Interested companies can get more information from Alexander Katzung at and Gerold Kreuter at Nicole Schippers

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