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From red / dpa 01. September 2018 – 11:44 clock The 61-million-euro jackpot is cracked: And he profits go back to Germany. However, two players must share the million-win.
Again, the million-euro profit goes from the Euro Jackpot to Germany.

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Münster – The Euro Jackpot is cracked: The profit of 61 million euros is half each to North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse, as Westlotto in Münster announced on Friday evening. In the evening, the winning numbers 3, 6, 9, 18 and 24 as well as the Euro numbers 2 and 7 were drawn.

Previously, the Euro Jackpot had not been hit for five draws. Also in the second profit rank there were large profits, likewise with German participation: In each case 96 645,80 euro goes to 13 winners in Germany.
For the first September draw the jackpot starts at ten million The jackpot is capped by law to a maximum of 90 million. The chance for the main prize is 1 to 95 million. Significantly lower are the chances at the classic lottery on Wednesday and Saturday ("6 out of 49"). Here is the prospect of the jackpot at only 1 to 140 million.
The last profit in the highest profit rank went on 20 July with 22.7 million euro to Sweden. According to information, the last German jackpot prize also comes from July. On July 6, also two players shared the prize money: How now to Hesse and also to Saxony-Anhalt each went half of the then jackpot, which was at its maximum limit of 90 million euros. For the first September draw on September 7, the jackpot in the top prize class starts again at 10 million euros.

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