Eden Hazard about Ballon-d'Or-Chance at Real Madrid: "Maybe I'll change because of that"

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            Eden Hazard has spoken at a press conference ahead of the Nations League match between Belgium and Switzerland on his nomination for election for the Ballon d'Or and ruled out a move to Real Madrid in the winter.
            "No," said Hazard, referring to a possible departure from Chelsea in January towards the Royal, but also added that a change might give him a greater chance of being elected world footballer. "Maybe I'll change that" said Hazard, after a reporter had asked him whether he would win the Ballon d'Or if he played for the Spanish national team and not for Belgium.

Eden Hazard in the conflict between the dream of Real and brilliant performances at ChelseaSince the beginning of summer, the 27-year-old midfielder keeps flirting with a change to the Royal and makes no secret that it is his dream to eventually run aground for Real Madrid. However, the Belgian is currently in the shape of his life at Chelsea. That's one of the reasons why he recently broke his cleavage between his dream of Real and his blues in the Blues. "Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think I want to go, sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking I want to stay," he said the Southampton 3-1 victory on Sunday.Eden Hazard: The performance data in the season 2018 / 19CompetitionsGamesToreTemplatesPremier League873EFL Cup100Europa League110

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