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            Toni Kroos and Timo Werner answered a press conference of the DFB team. Kroos commented on the criticism of Michael Ballack, among others.
            Here you can find all the important statements of Kroos and Werner.DFB-PK with Toni Kroos and Timo Werner for reading 14:23: That's it. The press conference is over.

14:23: Werner: "Bayern was not so good a year ago, in the end they have clearly become champions.Of course that annoys the players, but they are still the same as always.They are now focused on the internationals.The bad phase The Bayern is not transferred here, they still make as good jokes as before. "14:21: Kroos:" After the World Cup, it is important to get the curve in general and I do not want to take out at that time now, but help "In the next two years, I want to take a little more out of it, because I have to pay attention to my health." Of course, this is always a tightrope walk, because it quickly criticizes, if it does not run like this. "14:18: Kroos:" I This is a model that I can make friends with very well, and of course the team is a bit offensive. "14:17: Werner:" We have a Fuell against Peru and France We had chances to score that we did not have at the World Cup. We were not lucky enough to score a goal against France. It's not like we're not playing chances anymore and just defending. We just have to be more accurate again. "14:15: Kroos:" It is at Real and here beautiful. I do not depend on one or two games. It's always a challenge to turn it around when things are not going so well. I'm not so worried. "14:11: Kroos:" I do not consider the trappings as very important. Especially after the game against Mexico he gave speeches, which were as good as ever. A sensational speech does not guarantee success. Sporty he has drawn his conclusions and reacted to the World Cup. We are now more on the defensive. "14:12 clock: Werner:" Jogi Löw has spoken before, during and after the World Cup much with the players. I think his handling is very good. I never felt neglected. Of course there was a lot of criticism against him, but it was a tournament that happened like that. It's not always uphill in football. "14:09: Kroos Ballack:" Maybe it should have Michael Ballack then take over, if he says so. It is a word more. Some say that one should give up after a big success, the others that one should do that after a failure. Of course it may be that the relationship with the team after so many years is not so. But new stimuli can also come from the same coach and that's what Jogi Löw did. He has developed a lot over the years. So I am convinced that we can get the turn with him. "14.07 Clock: Kroos on Sane:" In my criticism, I have him before so first celebrated three minutes. I have a very good relationship with Leroy. I know the quality Leroy has. "14:06: Kroos:" It is normal that there are phases where you are not quite as successful. Nevertheless, the basic quality is brought along. If you trust someone now and who you do not, the national coach has to decide. My role has changed little in recent years. The successes at the club level have of course given a different self-assurance. "14:05: Werner:" When the real battles were, I was not even born. Nevertheless, of course, you know what was. Holland has not been so successful lately, but they still have a great team. Playing against a neighbor is always fun anyway. It's not going to be a battle like it used to, but the duel is always explosive. "10:05 pm: Kroos:" Of course you know a certain amount of rivalry, but in the end we're only interested in the game on Saturday. We drive as a favorite, even if that means nothing – as we all know. I think that Holland is on the rise again. "14:03: Kroos:" I play every game to win it. It is also clear that this can not always be 100 percent successful. But we are not a cucumber group, so we have the goal to win. There are three non-ideal games that will not change anything at the World Cup. "2 pm: Werner:" These are two super teams. In Amsterdam and Paris it is fun to play football. We are looking forward to it. "2:00 pm: Kroos:" Of course we feel anticipation, nobody is forced to be here. The names of the opponents promise a lot. We need good services, as with each other with our team. We are motivated and aim for six points. "14.00 clock: Almost on time it starts.13.52 clock: And we are still waiting … 13.45 clock: Mr. Kroos and Werner are still a little late.10.20 clock: On Wednesday were Oliver Sorg, Leroy Sane and Julian Draxler on the PK.10.18 clock: The press conference begins at 13.45 clock.Where can I see the DFB-PK with Kroos and Werner on TV and livestream? The DFB offers the press round, inter alia, on the association side in the livestream.
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