"Curious how they get out of this"

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            The former coach of VfB Stuttgart and predecessor of Tayfun Korkut, Hannes Wolf, can not see a clear concept in the development of the club: The change in strategy of the senior team has meant that the team has no face – that makes it for Korkut's successor Markus Weinzierl heavy. The behavior of sports director Michael Reschke criticized Wolf.
            At kicker.tv Spezial, Wolf, who had risen to VfB in the Bundesliga in 2017 and was dismissed at the end of January 2018, shared the change from a young to a very experienced team for the problem: "I say that in absolute esteem, but if a strategy is so changed, I find that in the development of the club already extreme.That was also something that was already our topic. "Weinzierl must now find the right game idea and tactics for the team, so Wolf. He was "curious, with which game philosophy, with what kind of football they get out of it now, because it is also not clear what they stand for". The same applies to tactics, "because it is not clear how you do that with this team".

Wolf: Reschke's lie to Korkut "of course not good" For him, not only the date of dismissal of Korkut incomprehensible: Stuttgart has five points, but Schalke has six, Leverkusen seven, Hoffenheim has seven, which also have very high ambitions, and Stuttgart changes then. "That was a bit surprising from a distance," he explained, where he would of course lack insights into the content and interpersonal area. That Reschke Korkut initially expressed confidence and have released him a day later, "of course not "It's not always possible to tell the truth in football, for example when talking about the poor performance of a single player after a game, but in that case it would have been better to" not even give an interview ".

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