Conor McGregor apparently wanted to prevent Khabib Ausraster during the fight

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            Conor McGregor apparently wanted to avoid an escalation between his team and Khabib Nurmagomedov and apologized during the fight with his opponent for the verbal attacks from his corner.
            A video that circulated on the Internet after the fight shows "The Notorious" and Khabib at the end of the third round. It says that McGregor is trying to appease his opponent. "It's all about business," said the 30-year-old Irishman, apparently trying to present the verbal attacks on Khabib before and during the fight as a show.

Khabib justified Ausraster with insults against his religion The 30-year-old Russian responded to it and called McGregor mockingly: "I thought so." After the end of the fight, Khabib created a scandal by leaving the Octagon and delivering a fierce brawl with McGregor's coach, saying "The Eagle" justified his outrage by saying that McGregor and his team insulted his religion, his father, and his country. Also in the run-up to McGregors soothing attempt at the end of the third round of his teammate Dillon Danis Khabib have insulted because of his Muslim beliefs. Danis dismissed any allegations on demand from ESPN.
Khabib wave record revenue in rematch with McGregorIn the wake of the scandal and the defense of the title of Khabib, the rumors are growing in a rematch with McGregor, who, according to statements by UFC President Dana White an immediate rematch wants. Should it come to waving "The Eagle" allegedly record revenues. "If you want a rematch, if the fans want a rematch, then they have to pay Khabib accordingly," said Khabib's training partner and former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold during Airel Helwani's MMA show on ESPN's YouTube channel. Because it's Khabib currently lacking nothing in his life, the UFC executives would have to offer him a very large sum, "possibly the largest combat exchange in MMA history," added Rockhold. He also confirmed a conversation with Khabib, in which he is said to have spoken of a demand with "record-breaking numbers".

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