Chicago Cubs dismiss Hitting Coach Chili Davis

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            The Chicago Cubs are suffering consequences from an overall mixed season. On Thursday, the team announced that they had separated from Hitting Coach Chili Davis.
            After the Cubs 2017 were still among the top teams in the area of ​​homeruns, they finished in 2018 only eleventh in the National League. Davis' first season was in office in 2018. "He did everything he could to make our boys better," Team President Theo Epstein emphasized last week. "In that regard, he did everything we asked of him."

But just towards the end of the season, the offense presented weak. In three of the last four games of the season managed only one run. Among them were the 163rd season game to decide in the NL Central against the Milwaukee Brewers and the wildcard game against the Colorado Rockies, both lost. However, the offensive midway through the middle of the season was serious: you shunted in the first half still in first place the NL in OPS fell back to tenth after the All-Star break.
Theo Epstein: "Offense broke down" "Our offense broke down sometime along the way," said Epstein, who announced an "in-depth investigation" last week. The dismissal was followed by final talks between the Front Office and players and coaches. Epstein reasoned, "We did not try to sacrifice power and walks for groundballs and Opposite Field hits, but that was the result in the second half of the season, but we do not want that." Davis could only be the beginning of a big change in the coaching staff in Chicago, but further dismissals have not yet been announced. Manager Joe Maddon, however, will remain in office, as announced a few days ago. This article was published without prior view by the Major League Baseball.

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