Champions League, votes and reactions: "Our way of playing is in need of improvement"

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            At FC Bayern Munich, they complained after the 1-1 draw against Ajax Amsterdam on the third non-won game in a row. Despite being defeated by Manchester City, Julian Nagelsmann is proud of his team – the votes for Matchday 2 of the Champions League group stage.
            Thomas Müller (Bayern) at DAZN about …… the game: "We got off to a good start with plenty of momentum in the first 15 minutes and then somehow we let Ajax get into the game too much. Then Ajax came over our defense with one or two long balls and they got into the rhythm, we did not manage to get stuck in the other half, it was good and we had to remain positive but there was too much back and forth with too many ball losses in the forward movement.

… the difficult phase at the moment: "We certainly had a better phase this season, our style of play is in need of improvement, we have to stay tuned, something else does not help us, we have to sort the bones and put everything on Saturday Look forward, even if it was not the yellow of the egg today. "Thomas Müller on Sky:" If you notice after 15 minutes that Ajax comes up, you have the last two games in the subconscious mind Stages in a season change very quickly: At the beginning of the season, you had the feeling that we can manage and control as we please, and at the moment we have a big will, but we also do some things wrong, very well "We have to get out of this phase again." Manuel Neuer (Bayern) at DAZN: "We started well, had a lot of safety broadcast, much possession and everything under control If we let Ajax play a bit, that was our problem because they can play with the ball. Since we had problems and so we have also cashed the compensation. Now this is 1-1 there and unfortunately we have come too little in the last three games. It was not an easy game for us. We scored two goals in the last three games, that's just not enough for us. The mentality was there and everyone wanted. The luck will return and we will score three points again. "
Julian Nagelsmann (Hoffenheim coach): "Of course Manchester City had more of the game, but that was to be expected, but in the end a clear mistake is bitterly punished, and given the situation we are in, I am very proud It always hurts when you score so late That hurts But the boys did a great job I think we sold a lot. "Kerem Demirbay (Hoffenheim):" It's important to remember that we It's never been easy, we did 90 minutes really well, so we're not proud of the result but our performance. "Oliver Baumann (Hoffenheim):" We have a very good game That's why it's very bitter that we'll get the 1: 2 just before the end, but we can take away the fact that we can hold against such an opponent and play courageously. "Pep Guardiola (ManCity coach): "We had a lot of pressure, since we have the e lost the first home game. Then we are back here after a minute, that was not easy. But then we fought back. As always, the team has given everything and fought and therefore absolutely deserves the success. What happened on the field today gives me many good signals for the future of this club. I played against Julian Nagelsmann for the first time, but I learned a lot today. He thinks a lot about the game, has visions and is creative. We have to be careful in the second leg. Big compliment to him and his team. He missed a lot of players, but it was still a very solid performance with such young players. "

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