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The Union faction has elected a new vice chairman. Christian Lindner accuses the Greens indirectly campaigning for the AfD. The News Ticker.Zauerst the affront of the faction in the form of the Brinkhaus election and the Kauder-deselection, now are the elections in Bavaria and Hesse. Chancellor Angela Merkel is going through difficult weeks.
                Meanwhile, the succession debate also determines the agenda.
                In Bavaria, Seehofer and Söder advance to blame the blame for a CSU electoral defeat.
                Read the news of the past few days here >>> Update <<< 21:56: The immunity of the Green Bundestag Canan Bayram should be repealed because the prosecutor wants to investigate because of a possible violation of the assembly law. The investigation relates to Bayram's participation in counter-protests to a right-wing populist "women's march" in February, reported the "taz" (Wednesday's edition). Bayram described the allegations against the newspaper as "strange". They assume that "nothing is left". According to the report, the competent committee of the Bundestag is to lift Bayram's immunity on Thursday. This applies as a matter of form. The Berlin public prosecutor's office plans to information of the "taz" a formal investigation against the politician. She is accused of having blocked the "women's march" by "joint standing together" with hundreds of other demonstrators at a crossroads, quoted the newspaper from a letter from the prosecutor. Bayram is the only directly elected member of parliament of the Greens. Her constituency is located in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, previously he was represented by Christian Ströbele in the Bundestag. She has been a member of parliament since 2017. Lindner accuses the Greens of indirect election campaign assistance for AfD 18:13: FDP leader Christian Lindner accuses the Greens to run the business of the AfD, because they oppose the classification of the Maghreb States as safe countries of origin of asylum seekers. "The Greens are pure ethicists here and accept to do campaigning for the AFD," said Lindner on Tuesday in Berlin. "I consider that an irresponsible ideological positioning, unfortunately covered by the CDU and CSU." The Federal Cabinet decided in July to classify the Maghreb states of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria as safe countries of origin. The approval of the Bundestag and the states is still pending. The FDP is pushing for progress here. It is easier to decide on asylum applications from people from so-called safe countries of origin, and their chances of protection are lower. However, since the Greens see groups such as journalists or homosexuals at risk there, they reject the change. The Union protects the Greens from the state elections in Bavaria and Hesse, said Lindner. Therefore, it could happen that the deported suspected ex-bodyguard Osama Bin Laden, Sami A., must be returned from Tunisia to Germany. Responsible for this are the Greens, "covered by CDU and CSU". "Because courts would judge otherwise if Tunisia would be about a safe country of origin," said Lindner.Sami A. was deported to his home on 13 July, although the Administrative Court Gelsenkirchen had forbidden this. The Higher Regional Administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia has therefore obliged the authorities to retrieve it.18.04 clock: The Union faction in the Bundestag has the head of the Baden-Württemberg state group, Andreas Jung (43), elected as the new Vice Chairman. According to group sources, he received 76.7 percent of the vote on Tuesday. The financial expert Olav Gutting (47) was defeated. He also comes from the southwest. Jung received 135 votes, while Gutting 41.Jung, who as a parliamentarian has been mainly responsible for European affairs and environmental issues, will now be responsible for the budget, finance and taxes in the Group. He occupied the post was vacated, because the former deputy Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) had displaced two weeks ago in a fight vote the long-time faction leader Volker Kauder (CDU) from Baden-Württemberg. Kauder's recall had been understood as a slump for Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), which had made strong for Kauder. There was no change in the ranks of parliamentary managers. They were all re-elected without opposing candidates.17.51 ​​clock: leading SPD politicians have criticized the low proportion of women in the Bundestag and in public administration. "It is shameful that women in the public service and also in the federal ministries are still so underrepresented," said Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) on Tuesday in Berlin. The grand coalition had agreed to achieve by 2025 the equal participation of women and men in management functions of the federal administration. "We're a long way from that at the moment." Giffey added that she expects everyone responsible in senior management to "make it their personal mission to achieve that goal." This also applies to the home lines in the federal ministries. Women could be as successful in leadership as men. "As long as this is not lived in reality, we have to fight for that to change." One year after the beginning of the #Metoo movement, SPD leader Andrea Nahles called the debate courageous and necessary. #MeToo has led to the fact that sexism is now loud and clearly addressed, said Nahles the "mirror". Justice Minister Katarina Barley (SPD) told the magazine, #MeToo have our society "further sensitized for sexism and also for respectful interaction with each other." Both Nahles and Barley criticized the small proportion of women in the Bundestag. "If I look at the fact that the proportion of women in the Bundestag is as low as in 20 years, and hear how the AfD wants to reverse gender equality, then I will be completely different," said Barley the "mirror". The progress is just here "a snail". The news from Monday, 8 October 201820.27 clock: The CDU-Landesgruppe Baden-Württemberg in the Bundestag has agreed on a staff proposal for the post of the Union faction vice, by the election of Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) had become vacant to the group leader. As the national group announced on Monday evening, it is proposed to its chairman Andreas Jung for election on Tuesday. Jung therefore received 30 votes in favor. There were three no votes and two abstentions. It is not expected that there will be candidates from outside Baden-Wuerttemberg in the vote on Tuesday. From this federal state came the long-time faction leader Volker Kauder (CDU), which was unsuccessful two weeks ago unsuccessful Brinkhaus.19.27 clock: Two weeks after the surprising election of Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) as chairman of the CDU / CSU deputies in the Bundestag there this Tuesday another contest candidate in the Union faction. The Baden-Württemberg CDU-Landesgruppe nominated on Monday evening, according to information from the German Press Agency in Berlin its boss Andreas Jung (43) with 91 percent of the votes for the succession of Brinkhaus as one of nine deputy parliamentary group leaders of the CDU.Auch the financial expert Olav Gutting (47) and also from the southwestern German MP Axel Fischer (52) want to compete for this information to the election. Both did not stand for the vote in the national group but not for election. The vote of a national group does not mean that in the total group (15.00) other members of parliament can not throw their hat in the ring. While Jung sits in the Environment Committee of the Bundestag and is also considered a European expert, Gutting and Fischer are known as financial experts like Brinkhaus. Gutting is a member of the Finance Committee of the Bundestag, Fischer in the Budget Committee.18.47 clock: Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has warned against hatred and envy of refugees. "People who come to us are not better off than those who already live here. And we have not cut anything for anyone, "she said Monday in a conversation with citizens on the future of Europe in Trier. The opposite is the case, Merkel said, citing the pension increases as an example. "There is no justification for hatred, even if you have such concerns," she added. The Chancellor called on Europe to accelerate joint action in business and research to catch up. "I think we have to hurry," she said. "We will not be able to cope with major developments on our own unless we team up with other European countries and join forces." By now, Europe has become "a bit more commonplace," Merkel said. She warned, "It is not so obvious when we start again with nationalism." Europe must defend common values. Migration must be directed, "as it fits our interests": "It is about that we continue to show our humanitarian face clearly." The Chancellor asked in Trier questions from about 70 citizens on the future of Europe. The series of citizens' dialogues began in May. According to the Federal Government, impulses from the talks should flow into European politics and be introduced at EU level.18.39: In view of the threat of energy shortages in Belgium, Germany has promised the country cooperation on electricity imports, according to Prime Minister Charles Michel. This Michel said on Monday in Brussels, after he had telephoned the day before with Chancellor Angela Merkel. "The risk to our security of supply this winter is decreasing day by day," said Michel, according to the Belgian news agency Belga. Because in November only one in seven Belgian nuclear reactors is said to be in operation at one point in time, it is feared that energy could become scarce as temperatures fall , Currently, due to ailing concrete, five kilns are being shut down for maintenance. The breakdown-prone Belgian nuclear power plants are always cause for concern for Germany. Merkel criticizes resistance to new construction of power lines in Germany17.31 clock: Chancellor Angela Merkel has criticized the great resistance to the construction of power lines in Germany. Complaints about several instances and thus some years of legal proceedings massively delayed the expansion of the power grid, said Merkel on Monday in a civil dialogue on the future of Europe in Trier. Particularly in northern Germany, solar and wind energy have been greatly expanded, without there being the necessary power transmission lines. "We are literally sinking one billion euros and more every year by saying that energy can not be shed" the chancellor. You can not want the energy transition and at the same time say: "In my area, please no new power lines." 17:21: The aftershocks of the election of the Union leader are still felt – as Chancellor Angela Merkel threatens (CDU), according to a report in the world already the next defeat in the appointment of an important parliamentary group. The case arouses strong memories of the surprising defeat of Merkel confidant Volker Kauder against Ralph Brinkhaus: Because in the race for the post of the parliamentary group for the fields "budget and finances" has a rather easy-care favorite a promising opponent candidate. According to the report favors the party leadership the chairman of the Baden-Württemberg, Andreas Jung, for the post. He said that "no resistance can be expected, especially on European political issues," said the group. Boys 'competitor Olav Gutting, on the other hand, is more likely to be on the less favored line of Brinkhaus' – and in 2015 voted against the party leadership's guidelines, at that time rejecting refugees at the border. Spicy: The competition between the two politicians is actually a kind of continuation of the duel Kauder against Brinkhaus. Jung had still received his post as country group chief with Kauders support, Gutting has publicly announced to support Brinkhaus. A possible preliminary decision is probably on Monday evening in the Baden-Württemberg state group in a first vote. Meanwhile, the party leadership is unlikely to be interested in an open fight vote on Tuesday in the group. Exit? Offen.17.03 clock: The former chairman of the Union's parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Volker Kauder, has made his first statement on his electoral defeat about two weeks ago. The defeat "was due to own mistakes, but also to the mistakes of others", said Kauder the magazine "Focus". Kauders former deputy Ralph Brinkhaus had surprisingly prevailed in the election of the group leader. He had felt in the days before the election that it could be scarce, said Kauder now "Focus". After the defeat he analyzed the result. But now he wants to look ahead. "I am at my wits' end with me," said the CDU politician from Baden-Württemberg.17.02 clock: Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has warned against wanting to remedy the personnel shortage in nursing solely by workers from abroad. "We can not only help with foreign workers," said Merkel on Monday in a civil dialogue on the future of Europe in Trier. The profession itself must also be made more attractive for those interested in this country, for example, by higher pay and better working hours. Nevertheless, Merkel advocated bringing skilled workers from abroad to Germany. 17.00 Clock: Welcome to the news ticker from the Bundestag. "Of course she can Chancellor": Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer could follow MerkelFürende CDU politicians consider Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer for one suitable successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel. The former Prime Minister of Saarland, like Merkel, has the iron will to power to become Chancellor, says Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) in the biography of the "Rheinische Post" published on 12 October at Ullstein / Propyläen. Journalists Kristina Dunz and Eva Quadbeck. "Of course she can be Chancellor. I trust her that. "Bouffier argues in the biography under the title" I can, I want and I will, "the 56-year-old Kramp-Karrenbauer was" in case of cases, a very good alternative "to Merkel. About Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), which is also said to have ambitions for the Chancellery, Bouffier says that this is "a very interesting personality". But Spahn "certainly does not yet have this broad acceptance" as Kramp-Karrenbauer.Angela Merkel's successor? AKK "was enormously stabilizing" According to Schleswig-Holstein's Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU), Kramp-Karrenbauer played a major role in the summer, saying that the Union community and the government had not broken up in the dispute over rejecting migrants at the border. "Kramp-Karrenbauer communicated very strongly inward, took the party along and acted transparently. That was tremendously stabilizing. She did that brilliantly. "The Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, who can be attributed to the conservative CDU wing, says of Kramp-Karrenbauer:" If she wants to become a chancellor candidate, she has every chance. "However, he also supplements Ex-Union faction leader Friedrich Merz, Spahn or Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen are conceivable for the office. The head of the Junge Union (JU), Paul Ziemiak, finds Kramp-Karrenbauer "pleasant". He told the authors: "She is unpretentious, she can approach people. It is accessible and cordial. "Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) attests Kramp-Karrenbauer in the book that she, like Merkel, has always been underestimated. "She is not a speaker. Even in success she remains rather quiet and restrained. I trust her to the Chancellor candidate. "Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) told the authors, Kramp-Karrenbauer make policy with clarity and rigor. But: "None of us Prime Minister Angela Merkel can reach the water. She plays in a completely different league. "Angela Merkel's successor? AKK warntKramp-Karrenbauer warns in the biography, the party landscape is in danger. "We are at the crossroads. The political landscape in Germany is concerned with the question of whether the value-based program parties have a future. "The party work in the CDU was too short under Merkel in the face of international crises. "The CDU has a real need to debate and to assure itself of positions on which motives and with what goals something is decided." Surprisingly, Kramp-Karrenbauers statements in connection with that of CSU boss Horst Seehofer in the migration dispute later back taken withdrawal offer. If Seehofer had linked his announcement with Merkel's request to resign, the secretary-general would have had to have a special party convention. "One would have had to clarify at such a congress, whether the attitude that it represents, with the delegates the majority would have found." To the question, whether it owns the hardness – also against itself – without which no one comes into the Chancellery , says Kramp-Karrenbauer: "If" hardness "means self-discipline – it is part of life." As a lesson learned from the long-standing refugee dispute with the CSU, Kramp-Karrenbauer concludes that in conflicts a struggle for terms "with all severity" respectively. "One must not let misleading terms and statements be established. Because these terms poison the mood since 2015, "she said. "The moment you adopt populist concepts, you've already made your first victory. And we have made terms of the AfD by our dispute in the Union hopeful. "Merkel threaten new weeks of chaos – and the heirs are warming upThere is a tension as never before in the Union since the beginning of the era Angela Merkel a good 13 years ago. Does the CSU leadership disintegrate after a crash at the Bayern election in a week? Brings a dirty power struggle between party leader Horst Seehofer and Prime Minister Markus Söder and the search for culprits and the Hesse CDU two weeks later for power? At the CDU head, some fear that a barely manageable dynamic will emerge, triggering a new government crisis in Berlin as well. And in the end, CDU leader and Chancellor Merkel could cost the office. In the CDU run on the weekend at the Germany Day of the Young Union in Kiel for three days possible possible successor Merkel warm. The new Secretary-General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer gives the more than 300 delegates of the Union's junior staff a strong signal of support on their way to the difficult weeks and months ahead – and others too. Angela Merkel's successor? AKK chants at JU partySchon at a frolicsome JU party in Norway quay, where otherwise the passengers are processed for the ferries to the north, Kramp Karrenbauer, the ex-prime minister of Saarland, on Saturday night with loud "Annegreat, Annegreat" Chants celebrated. Kramp-Karrenbauer can hardly save himself from selfie requests. On Sunday she then gives a rather conservative speech, which is well received by the offspring. For the song "For a better day" by the Swedish DJ Avicii she moves into the hall – a better day in view of the survey results in the dive probably all JU members. Angel Merkel's successor? AKK warns Seehofer, Söder and ErdoganDie Secretary General sends a sharp warning to Munich, where Seehofer and Söder try a week before the state election to blame each other for a possible disaster in the shoes. Franz Josef Strauß would never have done that. Later, an attack against Recep Tayyip Erdogan follows – if the Turkish president does not stop to drive a wedge between German Turks and German society, again the abolition of the double passport must be discussed. "Illoyalien" one can not tolerate in the long run. The JU-ler are enthusiastic – they still wear their behavior at the CDU party congress 2016 after Merkel. At that time, the congress on JU's motion had demanded a slim majority of the abolition of the dual citizenship regime. Immediately thereafter, Merkel made it clear that she would not stick to the decision. Kramp-Karrenbauer also distinguishes herself from her patron Merkel when she says that nowadays it is no longer enough simply to insist on good government work. To convince with good government work – that was often heard from the Chancellor when it came to prescriptions from the crisis. Now visionary visions for the future, cries the Secretary General, until she is hoarse.JUler celebrate the new Union faction leader Ralph BrinkhausWer only content to tell people, you have prevented worse, should not be surprised if he at 27 percent get stuck, says Kramp-Karrenbauer. "We have to fight to get back up." She becomes even clearer at the end of her speech: "Parties are only chosen if they can inspire. If they have a fire in them, that's not just the little flickering, so to speak, from session week to session week. But if they carry something in them, which takes people for them. "This can be understood as a tip against Merkel.Vor Kramp-Karrenbauer celebrate the JU-ler minutes of the new Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus. He gets to listen to the Peter Fox song "All new" to hear in which there are the lines: "I am the update" and "Everything shines, so nice new". This is of course meant that the Westphalian has recently overthrown the confidant Volker Kauder against the explicit will of the Chancellor. Some people think that the Westphalian got even more cheers for his strong speech than the General Secretary. Your darling Jens Spahn welcomes you in Kiel on Saturday with the song "I jump from level to level to level" of the rapper Marteria. What may be the next level the Health Minister jumps to? Party leader? Chancellor? Spahn is grateful, but also state-conservative restrained. Merkel even brings Hall to cheer Vor Spahn and CSU country group chief Alexander Dobrindt, many attest in the hall a rather giddy speech, has Merkel on Saturday her appearance. For the invasion she has to listen to "Do not Stop Believin '" ("Do not stop believing"). The song of the US rockers Journey is from the 1980s, the content sounds topical: It is about a small town girl in his lonely world: "She took the midnight train to somewhere …" Should be understood as an allusion to an aimlessness, with Merkel in the opinion of many in the room, the poll results in the basement drives? Merkel then holds a partly belligerent speech that contrary to some expectations pretty well arrives in the hall. The surveys are very well explainable, it keeps the offspring. She means the bitter dispute with which CSU and CDU have shunned more and more followers. Now you should not continue "with each other Fingerhakeln". Many cheer in the hall, as she says smugly at the end: "The executive JU-Federal Board: Nice male. But 50 percent of the people are missing. "Merkel adds:" And I tell you: women enrich the life. Not only in the private sphere, but also in politics. You do not even know what you're missing out. "In the executive JU board – chairman, deputy and treasurer – is the women's quota: Null.Merkel makes no illusions about the state of the UnionDas the Chancellor herself no illusions about their situation in the CDU makes shows a small scene with JU boss Paul Ziemiak. Merkel gets hiking socks and a windbreaker. She draws the conclusion, "that they do not want to leave me in the rain," says the head of the CDU dry. Quite possibly that Merkel is thinking of the election party day in early December, when she actually wants to run for president again. It is quite likely that the Chancellor will soon be able to use the utensils for stormy times. Although they set in the CDU top on a kind of "residual reason" at CSU boss Seehofer, that he after the state election on Sunday not the Union, Merkel and the whole grand coalition ripped into the abyss. But even if the Union after Bayern Election does not plunge into chaos and Hessen's Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) on October 28 defended power: It is unclear how the SPD behaves. Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) has predicted: The German democracy was solid enough to cope even with a withdrawal of the SPD from the grand coalition and a subsequent minority government. Merkel thinks of such a minority constellation nothing. Also these articles could interest you: The Ticker from the TurkeyThe Ticker from the White HouseBulgarian journalist brutally raped and murdered – new details of the policeHitlers descendant raves about Merkel and surprised with Trump statementGiant celebration to clearing in the Hambacher forest – police completely withdrawnGreen-top woman responds to nasty accusation: "Thank you, that they tell me in the face" concept: AfD wants to radically rebuild pension systemHow realistic is a green Prime Minister in Bavaria, Mr. Hartmann? 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