After bicycle accident in Kassel: Pensioner has died

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Red traffic light ignored according to police: A pensioner was approached by a courier driver in the center of Kassel. © Symbol: pixabay.comKassel. A pedestrian was hit last week by a cyclist on Fünffensterstraße. The 81-year-old succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday. The article was updated on October 9 at 22 o'clock. This has just been communicated by the police. The momentous collision between the passer-by and the cyclist had come on Monday, October 1, at 12.40 clock, when the cyclist was coming from the Ständerplatz in the direction of the town hall junction. According to witness statements, the 25-year-old courier driver on the bike ignored a red traffic light and drove the woman on the pedestrian crossing at the junction to the road Neue Fahrt. The old woman was green as a pedestrian. The collision took place on the road, which crossed the woman. Even cyclists were injured in accident in Kassel. The cyclist was slightly injured in the accident. The young man was ambulantly medically supplied by the ambulance service at the scene of the accident. Further treatment in a hospital was not necessary. The entire road section had to be closed until 2:45 pm. This caused traffic obstructions. The trams drove as usual. Map: Here happened the heavy bike accident

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