After a storm in Majorca: Three Germans among the dead

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A heavy storm on Mallorca has cost at least twelve people – including three Germans – their lives. Wednesday mornings torrential rains washed away cars like toys. Rescue workers are looking for missing persons. A heavy storm killed at least 12 people on Wednesday (9 October 2018). Rescue workers recovered two more bodies on Thursday.
                The hardest hit was the town of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, which lies 60 kilometers east of the island's capital, Palma de Mallorca.
                After the storm, a torrent had overflowed the bank in the area. Confirmed: Three dead Germans after Mallorca storm update 18.30: In the heavy storm in the east of Mallorca, three Germans have lost their lives. This confirmed a spokeswoman for the emergency service of the Balearic Islands of the German Press Agency. On Thursday afternoon, the bodies of a German couple were found on the route between Artà and Canyamel, it was said. The exact origin of the pair initially remained unclear, but it lived according to the information of the spokeswoman on the island. The car of the two was first found empty on Wednesday, after which the search began. The Spanish television reported that the victims were 63 and 61 years old. Even with a dead already on Wednesday, the first could not be identified, it was a man from Germany, said the spokeswoman weiter.Die number of victims of the devastating Falling rain on Tuesday evening is thus twelve. Among the dead are also a British couple and a Dutchwoman. A five-year-old boy is missing further. Two more dead after a storm in Mallorca recovered. Update 15:32: Rescue workers have recovered two more bodies on Thursday. Whether this is a missing German couple, has been looking for since Wednesday, said the Majorcan emergency service initially not. However, the dead, a man and a woman, were discovered near the vehicle of the Germans, it said in a tweet. This had previously been found empty on the route between Artà and Canyamel. As the Mallorcamagazin reports, it should deal with the found dead to Germans at the age of 61 and 63 years. The couple have still tried to call the emergency call, the conversation has been interrupted, the magazine quoted a colleague of the distress call.Unwetter on Mallorca calls ten lives – came the warning too late? Update 9:52: Rescue teams continue the search for victims of the storm. Two Germans are currently missing, report the forces via Twitter. The search for the missing boy (5) continue. The search for the missing boy will continue today. After the floods, people are now looking for two people of German nationality. 112 Illes Balears (@ 112IllesBalears) 11 October 2018 Update 6:33: "What I have seen here today is worse than war. It is a disaster, "quoted the" Mallorca Magazine "the German Thomas Wenzel, who lives for more than 20 years in the particularly affected by the storm Sant Llorenç des Cardassar in the east of Mallorca – the worst affected by the storm Region.Behanded by dramatic moments: "I swam to survive," said a young man on Spanish television. He was still in the face of panic. Pensioner Manuel Torescussa was caught in the water by the waters near Sant Llorenç. "I was just able to climb out of a window and then had to swim 500 meters, almost all of my clothes remained hanging on a metal fence," he told the newspaper "Diario de Mallorca". Tennis star Nadal joins in "It was terrible. Towards 18 o'clock, it started to pour out of buckets, more and more and more, "said the native of Munich Kurt Kuhl von der Hoeden (63), who rents apartments in Son Servera, also located in the east of the island. Everything is brown and full of mud. "The sewage system in Mallorca is – unlike in Germany – designed exclusively on fine weather," he told the German press agency. During the cleanup also helped Rafael Nadal. The tennis star, who comes from the affected region, offered to make the rooms of his sports centers on the island available to all those who have no roof over their heads. The Spanish royal family called "all Spain" to solidarity with the flood victims auf.Unwetter Mallorca: Even tennis star Rafael Nadal helps with the cleanup. © dpa / Jordi CotrinaMallorca storm: Are German tourists among the victims? – The news from 10 October 2018Update 17:24: The Foreign Office in Berlin said it was no information on German victims, reports the news agency AFP. The German Consulate in Palma de Mallorca is in close contact with the authorities of the Mediterranean island. Was there no bad weather warning for Mallorca Update 17:13: The death toll has increased to ten, as the rescue forces 112 Illes Balears via Twitter tells. A child is still missing. Update 13:35: The heavy storm has hit the holiday island of Mallorca on Tuesday evening hard. Nine people were killed. As reported, there was a severe weather warning, but would have come too late. About 19 clock, the Spanish weather service for Mallorca therefore still the second highest warning level via Twitter called and only later the warning level red. But the storm had parts of the island already reached this time. After the heavy storm on Majorca, the number of fatalities is rising. 13:21: Rescue workers have recovered another death, as the rescue service via Twitter tells. Update 12:36: In the severe storms and floods on the Spanish island of Majorca eight people have been killed according to recent information. The rescue services announced on Wednesday, in addition, several people would be missing. According to the authorities, at least two British tourists were among the victims. According to initial information, the two British were traveling in a taxi in S'Illot in the municipality of Son Servera on the east coast when a tidal wave hit the car. The taxi driver is still missing. At least nine dead and chaos in storm weather in Mallorca residents clear their house of mud and debris free. © Clara MargaisA resident frees her house from mud and debris after a heavy storm. © Clara MargaisPillars and cars on a ravaged road in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar. © Isaac Buj / Europa PressDrops destroyed and buried by rain are in front of a shop. © Isaac Buj / Europe PressFast weather has killed at least five people in Majorca and caused serious damage to property. Isaac Buj / Europa Press Photo: Isaac Buj / Europa PressThough severe weather has killed at least five people in Majorca and caused serious damage to property. © Isaac Buj / Europa Press Workers gather on the main street of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, the city most affected by the storm. Photo: Joan Llado / APE workers gather at the main street of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, the city most affected by the storm. © Joan LladoThe flooded street in Sant Llorenc on Mallorca. Photo: Policía Nacional / Europa Press Flooded street in Sant Llorenc on Mallorca. Photo: Policía Nacional / Europa Press © Policía NacionalUpdate of 10 October 2018, 11.44 Uh
            r: After the bad flood, the Policia National has set up a special telephone number for people in need. The police also ask people to avoid the Levante area in Mallorca by car. Marca ☎️900 600 112 si necesitas ayuda o tienes información relacionada con las luertas lluvias e inundaciones #Mallorca # SantLlorenç Policía Nacional (@policia) 10th October 2018 Severe weather in Majorca: Several dead – masses of water tear cars withPalma – In fierce storms in Mallorca, there were dead and injured. At least five people were killed by Wednesday morning in the water masses, the rescue workers said on Wednesday morning on Twitter. Up to 20 more were missing, reported Spanish media. Particularly affected was the east of the holiday island, where on Tuesday also a torrent had overflowed the banks. Wassen masses flood the streets in Mallorca. A storm causes chaos and devastation. At least five people have died. © dpa / Policía NacionalA torrential torrent erupted on Tuesday in the municipality of Sant Llorenç in the east of the Spanish holiday island. The masses of water tore there in the evening numerous cars, as could be seen in pictures and video footage of the media and the weather service of the Balearic Islands.Video: So violently raged the storm in MallorcaUnwetter Mallorca: Several dead within just two hours are more than 150 liters per Square fell, reported the newspaper Diario de Mallorca, citing the authorities. Some motorists were trapped late in the evening due to the flooding in their vehicles, the paper says. As the Balearic emergency service reports, the storm has already claimed five lives. Two people are said to have died in Sant Llorenç, according to the Mallorca newspaper, an elderly man in the basement of his house was surprised by the masses of water. Even a woman who was staying in her house in San Lorenz did not survive the storm. Residents who had to leave their homes because of the floods were housed in gymnasiums. According to the newspaper Ultima Hora currently at least 20 people are missing. In the northeast of Mallorca, the state of emergency was declared, the Guardia Civil turned off all available units for the flooded community. Military, fire and rescue services and helicopter rescue services are also deployed. INTENSE, Damaging flash floods reported in Sant Llorenç, Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) tonight, Oct 9! Report: Miguel Puigros Baldowski severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) October 10, 2018 "It was a tough night, but I think the day is going to get heavier," the newspaper quoted El Mundo "a local politician.Mallorca sinks in the rain:" In between, the power goes out "The storm also caused chaos and flooding in other regions of the island. But especially the east of Majorca was affected. Several highways and houses were under water there. A tourist who spends his holidays in a hotel in the coastal town of Cala Mandia was quoted in the online edition of the "Mallorca newspaper" as saying: "There were two hurricanes today, luckily only on the sea. In between, the hotel runs out of electricity, and some lamps come out of water. "On Mallorca, it had been raining since Monday violently, also hailed in places. Due to the storm, it came to media reports at the airport of Palma on Monday and Tuesday to delays. For security reasons, the time interval between the landings has been increased, it said. In the capital and also at the so-called "Ballermann" east of Palma, the situation was largely normal. On Thursday return the beach weather, wrote the "Mallorca newspaper" .dpa

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