A Victory for the Memoirs

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            Andrea Petkovic has taken care of the biggest headline in the WTA tournament so far in Linz. On Wednesday night, she threw the top seed Julia Görges out of the tournament, although after 45 minutes absolutely nothing spoke for a victory. But then followed a terrific comeback, as it is usually written only in epics.
            "I did not play bad, but I felt like in a theater of war." Gesturing wildly, Andrea Petkovic tries to explain what has just happened to her. First, she pulls her left hand in a fist clenched upward, only to jerk her fingers shortly afterwards. Then she takes her right hand and repeats the gesture.

"Pew, pew!" She says in a raised voice, explaining what she means: "there were only aces and return winners." In fact, her opponent played her against the wall. Petkovic scored only one point in the return games of the first set, eight points overall, Görges more than three times as many. "Never in my career have I played against a better opponent than Julia in the first one and a half sets nor to pray to God that she could not keep that level. "
WTA Linz: Andrea Petkovic after defeating Matchball in Round Two Her prayers were answered. Despite fierce pressure from the other side, Petkovic tried a bit more length in her strikes and Görges got a bit off the baseline. "I also started reading their serve better – or rather, my eyes got better at speed," explains Petkovic. Goerges suddenly became nervous as her biggest weapon was suddenly dulled. Petkovic became safer on a minute-by-minute basis, while the Wimbledon semi-finalist was throwing more and more mistakes. The final word in the match was Petkovic, who in the end did not even know she was blocking a match point in the second set, "especially the way I win gives me even more confidence," says the sixfold WTA -Titelträgerin. Since the beginning of September Petkovic is in a match record of 6-2 victories. Do you want the season to last a few more weeks? "Mental, yes, emotional, yes, physically, no, I need a break." Always at the end of the season Petkovic gets pain in her knee – a chronic affliction caused by the climatic conditions at the tournaments in China.Andrea Petkovics WTA tournament winsYear TournamentBelag2009Bad GasteinSand2011StraßburgSand2014CharlestonSand2014Bad GasteinSand2014SofiaCheat (hall) 2015AntwerpenCheat (hall) "It is quite humid in Wuhan and Guangzhou, that does not like the knee and it swells, "explains Petkovic. That's also why she's trying to be smarter in the tournament planning. "I made the big mistake of behaving like a top 10 player without being there, playing far too many matches to score points." Her coach Jan de Witt first suggested that she revise her way of thinking. So in the past few months she has always taken a two-week break after each tournament – with success. She realized that she could keep her level much better and that she would not physically suffer any break-ins.
© GEPAPetkovic plans autobiographical novel: "I will fail miserably" For the offseason between the end of October and the end of December, the hobby writer Petkovic has already forged interesting plans. She wants to try to write her memoirs. "It's not going to be a classic athlete biography, it's going to be about general things in life, but I'll change one name or another, add a few things, and put it in a novel, because I do not want to be in the tabloids all the time . "Petkovic has already rented a small cabin in Upstate New York for this endeavor. Instead of a strict training plan, a walk in the woods, reading for two hours and writing four to five hours should be on the program. "I am still not sure if I will not have a nervous breakdown after three days," jokes Petkovic. "I'm afraid I'll fail miserably, but it'll be fun – maybe my book is about how I fail to write a book, who knows." Until then, she tries to enter the winners list of Linz.

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